YouTube adds TikTok-style live rings to show when a channel is streaming


YouTube adds a new indicator to show when a channel is live streaming on the platform, the chief product officer Neal Mohan announced on Twitter† It consists of showing a ring with the word ‘Live’ on it around a channel’s profile picture when they’re streaming live, which you can tap to go straight to the live broadcast. The feature should make it easier to find currently live content while browsing YouTube.

If the feature looks familiar to you, it may be because it’s already used in a number of other services. TikTok uses a similar pulsating ring effect on a channel’s profile picture as they do live streaming when you scroll past their video in your feed. Instagram also shows a colorful ring around the profile pictures of live streaming accounts when they appear at the top of your feed.

Like Stories, which originally started out as a Snapchat feature before being quickly cloned by pretty much every other platform out there, it seems that the live ring UI was too perfect not to integrate into YouTube. But the biggest example of the inspiration YouTube takes from TikTok is undoubtedly “Shorts,” a feature that lets you browse short video content using a vertically scrolling feed.

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