‘Young Lady & Gentleman’ Episode 43: Release Date & Preview


Episode 43 of “Young Lady and Gentleman” comes out this weekend and things are back to normal. But there is still a lot of chaos on the way. Receiving a call from Young Guk and learning that Se Jong was sick, Dan Dan ran home. But Soo Cheol was not happy with his departure. Hearing about Se Jong’s condition, she ran to him immediately. As she sat down and hugged Se Jong, she promised him that she would be back. After finally feeding him and putting him to bed, Dan Dan came home. But she encountered a furious Soo Cheol who scolded Young Guk for not leaving her daughter alone.

On the other side, Se Ryeon was spending time with Se Jong. On the way to the arcade, the two met Dae Beom and ended up playing and eating together. Cha Gun also went to Sa Ra once more and got a flower basket. As she prepared the basket, she asked if they should go out for a drink. But with his stomach upset, the two went back to work with Cha Gun gifting him the basket. Their complicated relationship has many ups and downs. Dan Dan eventually learned that Anna was his biological mother. Working behind the scenes with Anna, Dan Dan went to her apartment to buy some stuff. But she comes across her baby photos instead.

'Young Lady and Gentleman' episode 43
Photo taken from “Young Lady and Gentleman”

Summary “Young woman and a gentleman”: the truth about Anna

Taking some photos on her phone, Dan Dan wondered about the similarities to her baby photos. Thinking back to the time she had with Anna, she went home to compare the two photos. Having the same photos in the album and the phone, she then confirmed with the old lady in the neighborhood. Thinking about the story Ms. Yeoju told her, she couldn’t believe how things turned out. So while the family gathered at the chicken shop to celebrate Dan Dan’s farewell. But she was up all night thinking Anna was her mother. For her final confirmation, she then underwent a DNA test. Getting to know Anna knowingly approached them, Dan Dan was furious.

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Young Guk finally got confirmation that Anna Kim is also Kim Ji Young. Getting to know the truth, Anna’s anger and disapproval with her relationship with Dan Dan made sense. Going directly to Anna, he asked her about her relationship with Dan Dan. As she tried to play dumb, he told her he had the reports and knew the whole truth. As she begged him not to tell Dan Dan, Young Guk asked her to come clean before heading to the United States. As she left her office, Anna called Soo Cheol and told her that Young Guk knew everything and was about to tell Dan Dan. While on his way to find Young Guk, he received a call from him to meet. As Soo Cheol begged Young Guk to keep it a secret, Young Guk told her to tell her daughter as well.

'Young Lady and Gentleman' episode 43
Photo taken from “Young Lady and Gentleman”

‘Young Lady and Gentleman’ Episode 43 Release Date and What to Expect?

Episode 43 of “Young Lady and Gentleman” will be released on February 26, 2022. Having no idea Dan Dan already knows he met Anna and he told her to leave with Dan Dan as soon as she can. As Soo Cheol was waiting for Anna’s call, Dan Dan came running to him and told him about Anna. Asking her how she learned the truth, Dan Dan explained everything to her. As she refused to go to the United States with her, she also learned that the whole family knew about Anna. Knowing the truth, Dan Dan is back with Young Guk and has returned to the house taking his old job.

Where to watch episode 43 of “Young Lady and Gentleman”?

Episode 43 of “Young Lady and Gentleman” will be available on Rakuten Vik and Viu streaming platforms.

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