‘Young Lady & Gentleman’ Episode 41: Release Date & Recap


With episode 41 of “Young Lady & Gentleman” releasing this weekend, the k-drama will be back on its usual course. A lot happened in the previous episode, and it’s getting spicy. Young Guk learned that Kim Ji Young was Dan Dan’s mother. She left Dan Dan and moved to the United States. Thinking back to when Dan Dan told him that his mother had abandoned her, he asked the PI to stop the investigation. Connecting the dots, he wondered if Anna was Dan Dan’s mother but shook off the thought. Thinking of Dan Dan crying and wanting to see his mother, he asked the IP to find Kim Ji Young.

Soo Cheol then saw Anna one last time as he asked her to take care of Dan Dan and not tell her the truth. She promised him that she would keep the secret. Soo Cheol’s neighbor saw Soo Cheol and Anna having coffee and went to show Yong Pil the photos. But Yeong Sil also took a look at the photo. Asking if they were having an affair, Yeong Sil asked where the two were and went to the cafe. She reached the cafe just as Anna was leaving. Asking Soo Cheol if he was having an affair, she questioned him. But telling him that they had met about Dan Dan, he left without saying anything.

'Young Lady and Gentleman' Episode 41
An image from episode 41 of “Young Lady & Gentleman”

“Young Lady & Gentleman” Recap: Saying Goodbye

Seating the family, Soo Cheol told them that Dan Dan was leaving for the United States in a week. As the family worried about her and her relationship with Young Guk, Soo Cheol told them that Dan Dan herself had agreed to leave. On the other side, Young Guk was also worried about how his children would take the news of Dan Dan’s departure. Sitting with Se Chan and Se Jong, he told them that he broke up with Dan Dan. Telling them that Dan Dan was quitting and moving to the United States with Anna, they couldn’t stop him anymore. The children went to see Dan Dan asking her if she was really going to the United States. As she also apologized for leaving, the children told her not to be sorry and wished her luck in the new country.

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As the three were hugging, Je Ni unexpectedly heard the news and became angry. Talking to Je Ni, Dan Dan told her the reason why she quit. But Je Ni resented him for not keeping his promise. As she yelled at Dan Dan to get out of her room, Se Jong and Se Chan came to her defense. Having no idea of ​​the real reason, Je Ni was stunned but realized her mistake. Apologizing to Dan Dan, she told him that she might not be able to understand his reasons for leaving. Dan Dan also went to see Ms. Yeoju before leaving. As the two spoke, she told Dan Dan that Anna had nearly died in a car accident and had to undergo facial reconstruction surgery.

'Young Lady and Gentleman' Episode 41
An image from episode 41 of “Young Lady & Gentleman”

‘Young Lady & Gentleman’ Episode 41 Release Date and Preview

Episode 41 of “Young Lady & Gentleman” will be released on February 19, 2021. Telling her that she made the right decision to go to the United States, Ms. Yeojo wished Dan Dan luck. When saying goodbye to Dan Dan, the children wanted to give him a farewell party. Dan Dan went to Dae Ran and told her that she would quit in a week and go to the United States with Anna. Asking if she broke up with Young Guk, Dae Ran was really happy to see her goodbye. Telling her to achieve the American Dream, Dae Ran felt so much better. While the doubt of the case still echoed in his mind, Yeong Sil continued to confront Anna. Young Guk had to call Dan Dan home because his departure had damaged Se Jong’s health.

Where to watch episode 41 of “Young Lady & Gentleman”?

Episode 41 of “Young Lady & Gentleman” will be available on Rakuten Viki and Viu streaming platforms.

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