Yashahime Princess Second Act Episode 20 Delayed


This week some of the anime took breaks, as we’ve seen with Pokemon 2019 because he is also taking a break. This time Yashahime Princess Second Act Episode 20 will also be on break and we will not release any episodes this week. Instead, the anime will return next week and continue with the release of new episodes as usual. Sesshomaru follows a lead into the Reiwa era with Reiwa’s help, his right hand. His abilities allow him to transcend time, and as the action has finally peaked, we’ll get to see him at his best so far.

The demons also try everything they can to prevent her from entering the Reiwa era. During this time, Kirin explored the sewers and managed to encounter demons that had never existed before. He proclaimed himself as a man who punishes the demons that lurk in the shadows of the city. He is so confident in his abilities that he seeks out demons just to keep his town safe. Since he had followed them to their hideout, that meant he had fought them this time.

He also declared himself to be the remnant of Dawn Kirimaru’s right-hand man. So he is also a demon. But as an ambassador of peace in his city, this is not good news for the demons who live in his commune.

It’s going to be an interesting showdown, and so far it’s been one-sided as Kirin has easily defeated any demons he’s managed to encounter in the sewers.

Yashahime Princess Second Act Episode 20 Release Date

Yashahime Princess Second Act Episode 20 will be released on February 26, 2022. The anime will be off the screens for just one week before returning a week later. So in the meantime you will be busy with other anime like A piece which will continue for some time without any interruption.

Yashahime Princess Second Act Episode 19 Episode 19 Summary

The anime’s latest episode saw the appearance of Kirin, who seems to be one of the best fighters we’ve seen in the series so far. He easily deals with any demons he faces, and this time he descends into the city sewers to deal with any demons that might be lurking there.

Yashahime Princess Second Act Episode 20
Yashahime Princess Second Act Episode 20

For him, it’s nothing more than a cleaning job, and it may not take him long. During the day he is an ordinary teacher. But when night falls, he leaves to hunt the demons who are causing trouble in the city. So he easily deals with demons, and as soon as they saw his power, they ended up running for their lives. He noticed that recently more and more demons have arrived in town, so he will be tasked with investigating the root cause of this.

He suspects it might be the works of Comet Grim as it is strongly associated with swarms and hordes of demons wherever it goes. Recently, he felt his presence, then a few days later, the demon incident happened. With the next gig in town, things couldn’t be more concerning than they already are. So he has to keep an eye on the situation as a large number of people invade the town. And now, with the demon situation, then things will be really tense.

The demons will also see this as an opportunity to attack unsuspecting humans, so Kirin will have to be really on his toes if he needs to save as many people as possible. So, with the episode’s hiatus looming, we should see how that pans out.

Where to Watch Yashahime Princess Second Act Episode 20

You will be able to watch Yashahime Princess Second Act Episode 20 online on Anime Hodai, bilibili, Crunchyroll and Funimation. All of these different streaming platforms will cover different regions of the world so that everyone in the world can get the latest episodes when they come out.

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