Yami Gautam looks dead serious and recites a nursery rhyme in ‘A Thursday’ teaser

Yami Gautam Looks Mysterious and Recites a Nursery Song in 'A Thursday' Teaser
Yami Gautam looks mysterious and recites a nursery rhyme in ‘A Thursday’ Teaser (Photo Credit: Still from a Thursday)

The makers of hostage thriller ‘A Thursday’ shared a sneak peek at the upcoming film and actress Yami Gautam Dhar looks deadly even as she recites a nursery rhyme.

The thrilling drama is produced by RSVP Movies and directed by Behzad Khambata. The teaser shows a sneak peek into a kindergarten where the kids seem to be in a jolly mood when we catch a cursory glance of Yami with a grim look on her face followed by a gunshot.

The combination of Yami’s tense gaze and the cheerful background of a kindergarten provide the perfect setting for a thriller.

Yami shared the teaser on her Instagram captioning it: “Maasumiyat ka chehra iss din badlaa (The face of innocence changed this day).”

‘A Thursday’ will soon be available only on Disney+ Hotstar.

Previously, Yami Gautam was in contact with IANS on a number of topics, including health. Here’s an exception from the conversation.

A 2020-21 lockdown habit you can’t shake?

Yami Gautam: A habit I have religiously imposed on myself actually has to do with my lifestyle, it’s yoga. I practice yoga religiously. I also like to bake and cook when I have time.

Athleisure or formals – your preference?

Yami Gautam: Athleisure for sure! As a person obsessed with yoga, I would prefer athleisure over other styles any day. They are not only effortlessly stylish, but also amazingly comfortable.

Trendy or your own style mantra?

Yami: My own style mantra! I love to go beyond trends and make my own style statement. Because what you wear shows who you are, I really believe in expressing myself through my sartorial choices.

Your skin care routine?

Yami Gautam: Hydration and exercise are essential for healthy skin. I love products that nourish and moisturize my skin. The Good Vibes Rosehip Serum is my favorite skin care product and an important step in my daily routine. Infused with the goodness of rosehip, the serum has a lightweight and non-greasy formula that enhances the skin, leaving it brighter and more radiant. I follow it up with a lightweight moisturizer to lock in that moisture. In addition to a simple and effective skin care routine, I also provide a balanced diet that helps improve and maintain my skin’s natural glow.

Clean Beauty or all beauty products?

Yami Gautam: On a non-work day, I like my skin to be clean. But I do like to dig through and look for good beauty products. I think most beauty platforms are very addictive so you really have to be careful and make an effort for what you really need. It’s my mom’s rule that your shoes and your beauty products should never be compromised!

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