Yami Gautam is a surprise package in a movie with lazy editing and people advising the prime minister to take public polls seriously


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Star cast: Yami Gautam, Neha Dhupia, Atul Kulkarni, Dimple Kapadia and Ensemble.

Director: Behzad Kambata

A Thursday movie review out!
A Thursday Movie Review Ft. Yami Gautam (Pic Credit: Movie Still)

What is good: Yami Gautam is a surprise, as are the bird’s eye shots. Dimple Kapadia impresses on her part.

What’s bad: The writing gets too lazy in parts and the editor has to apologize to the team for his/her idea of ​​adding superzoom every time Yami looked into the camera.

loo break: When social media posts flash on Yami’s walls and she walks down a hallway like the Metaverse.

To watch or not?: There’s no concrete reason why you shouldn’t watch this one at all. Sure there are a few lazy bits and that will be annoying, but the climax will help compensate.

Language: Hindi (with subtitles).

Available on: Disney+ Hot Star.

Duration: About 120 minutes.

User Rating:

One fine day, a lady Naina (Yami), known for her big heart and good will, kidnaps 16 children from her playgroup and makes direct demands on the government. The nation is alarmed and now everyone is stuck on what happens next. She demands to sit opposite and have a conversation with the Prime Minister of India and the drama unfolds.

(Pic Credit: Movie Still)

A movie review from Thursday: Script Analysis

To answer the biggest question first, this isn’t a sequel to Naseeruddin Shah’s cult film A Wednesday. Yes, the blueprint may seem a bit off, but that’s with a lot of captivity dramas and the catch is how the filmmaker and team try to make it their own. A Thursday is a thriller where Yami is at the helm and carries the whole story.

Written by Ashley Michael Lobo and Behzad Kambata, A Thursday on paper is a powerful story of a woman who fights against the system to get justice after living as a victim of the system for years. It’s strong, moving, makes you question and holds you until the end.

It’s not one of those stories where the motive is clear from the start and we’re now looking for the culprit. Here everything is a mystery. Besides, at some point you have to think that the kidnapper is just a mentally unstable woman and that she is doing this because of her mental state. Full marks for keeping the mystery intact and not really making it predictable.

The story also has layers. While Yami’s Nidhi gets a good story to stand on, the rest all have a good arc too. The only complaint is that the writers use the dynamics of Neha and Atul Kulkarni less than expected. They share some pretty interesting dynamics and I would have liked to see more of that.

The best thing about the movie is that everything has consequences. Even if Nidhi had a concert reason and a reason that explained her madness by the climax, it was still a crime and deserved punishment. So good to take the consequence.

I seriously can’t talk about the movie anymore without giving spoilers and I won’t. But A Thursday is a serious attempt at making a film true to its genre. But of course there are loopholes. The writing, unlike the film it is compared to, does not remain subtle, it takes the overly dramatized route.

The movie takes up some lazy resorts that eventually waters down the whole effect. For example, the prime minister is told to obey public polls conducted by random news outlets by her personal secretary. Even Amitabh Bachchan never took the KBC public poll so seriously. Well, the Prime Minister is Dimple Kapadia and has some emotions that she is rejecting that suggestion. At least we have a good leader in the mill world.

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A movie review from Thursday: Star Performance

Yami Gautam surprises me with her performances back to back. Whether it’s her performance in Bala, or URI and now A Thursday. The script demands a lot from the actor who has the most screen time. As she interacts with children and performs the whole hostage situation, she has to slide between expressions and she does it quite effortlessly. She manages to create a powerful climax.

Dimple Kapadia plays the Prime Minister. The actor can cakewalk these characters. Here she gets only a limited time and does an impressive job. While she has no layers to her, the attempt to show how being a woman is sometimes used against her, even in the highest position of power, is good.

Neha Dhupia deserves an award for simply playing her part when she was actually pregnant. She plays the best agent in her power. Atul Kulkarni enters the show and helps her instead of overshadowing. The actor gets a very central role, but doesn’t have much to do until the climax in which he is heavily involved.

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A film review on Thursday: directing, music

The direction by Behzad Kambata screams drama. While he manages to create suspense and sensation, he also dilutes it with his use of social media creatives and caricaturistic view of the media. I’m not saying they don’t act like that in situations like that, but making that a big part of your movie adds giggles where you don’t need to.

And if it was the editor or the director who decided that the camera needed to super-zoom every time Yami says something powerful and looks into the camera, they should reconsider their choice for life and correct the next time. That said, drone shots of high shots of the whole situation look good. All the cars that come in, umbrellas that cover the place create an impact.

A movie review on Thursday: the last word

A Thursday is a Yami Gautam show and she’s bringing up her A-game. But the set up locked her up a bit. On Disney+ Hotstar, you can give this a shot.

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