Won Ji An, Yoon Cha Young & More To Star In ‘Juvenile Delinquency’


Won Ji An, Yoon Chan Young, Yoon Hyun Soo, Han Se Jin, and Yang Seo Hyun are teaming up for an upcoming dark teen drama. The talented young actors are finalized to star in a drama from the streaming service Seezn. Juvenile delinquency is a dark teen drama about a girl victim of domestic violence who, along with her friends, finds a field of marijuana. Details about the main cast characters – Won Ji An, Yoon Chan Young, Yoon Hyun Soo, Han Se Jin, and Yang Seo Hyun – have been shared by Seezn. Additionally, the drama is set to air next month.

Scheduled to have ten episodes, Juvenile delinquency is also in reports to have a season 2. However, few details are shared in the sequel. The romantic youth drama will have a different plot from the regular sweet and heart-pounding young romantic dramas. Therefore, the audience is madly waiting for it to fall.

Jung Soo Yoon, who wrote “Ending Again” and “Let Me Off the Earth,” will pen the script for Juvenile delinquency. Meanwhile, Jo Yong Ik will make his drama directorial debut with the drama Seezn.

Juvenile Delinquency Release Date and Plot

Juvenile delinquency will come out on March 25, 2022, on the Seezn streaming platform. The youth drama will release new episodes every Friday, and juvenile delinquency is expected to have ten episodes in the first season. According to some sources, the drama Seezn will have another season. However, the production team has yet to share more details about the second installment.

“Juvenile Delinquency” (literal title) is a dark teen drama centering on Da Jung, an 18-year-old girl who was used by her parents to transport drugs. One day, she meets Yoon Tak, a redneck, overwhelmed by his life in the countryside. Together with their friends, the two discover a field of marijuana.

Won Ji An in DP (created by: Netflix)

Juvenile delinquency is original Seezn content. Therefore, to stream the drama, viewers can download the app. And after getting a respective blueprint, they can access new episodes of the upcoming drama.

Won Ji An, Yoon Cha Young, And More To Star In Juvenile Delinquency

Yoon Cha Young, Won Ji An, Yoon Hyun Soo, Yang Seo Hyun and Han Se Jin will be seen in Juvenile delinquency.

Won Ji An, who wowed fans with his character in Netflix’s DP, will take on the role of Kyung Da Jung. His character was delivering drugs according to the orders of his parents. However, she decides to go into hiding in the countryside after her plan fails. Fans can’t wait to see Won Ji An take on a role that has had a troubled past.

Yoon Cha Young will play Gong Yoon Tak, who apparently has the same looks and personality. He is the sole breadwinner in his family and takes care of his father and two younger siblings. But her life changes after Kyung Da Jung comes into her life. Yoon Cha Young recently gained worldwide popularity with his role in Netflix’s “All of us Are Dead.”

juvenile delinquency throws yoon chan young
Yoon Cha Young in We’re All Dead (created: Netflix)

Han Se Jin will play Kim Kook Hee in Juvenile delinquency. His character has no permanent home. So he wanders from here and there. However, he is often referred to as the mood maker due to his unique, bright, and upbeat personality. However, behind his energetic and joyful self lies an indescribable pain. Additionally, he has a crush on his classmate, Hong Ae Ran. Se Jin is popularly known for his role in 2020s “Mr. Heart.”

Yoon Hyun Soo will transform into Gong Yoon Jae, the younger brother of Gong Yoon Tak. He is the most problematic child and is looking for ways to stay out of the house. Gong Joon Yae likes to live by her rules and often causes trouble in the neighborhood. However, recently he started to come home as soon as possible. What is the reason for his new habit? The actor is known for his role in “Racket Boys”.

Yoon Hyun Soo

At last, Yang Seo Hyun will play the role of Hong Ae Ran, whom all the girls look up to and all the guys love. Although she is beautiful, she receives hate because her mother works at a karaoke bar. But, Hong Ae Ran ignores them as she believes her mother’s happiness comes first. Yang Seo Hyun is known for her performance in “Light On Me.”

Are you excited about Juvenile delinquency? In the meantime, watch Yoon Cha Young in we are all dead here.

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