“Wo Kuch Galat Karta Tha, Mujhe Irritation…”

Exclusive!  Karan Kundrra opens his bittersweet bond with Junior Pratik Sehajpal
Exclusive! Karan Kundrra on Losing Bigg Boss 15 to Pratik Sehajpal (Photo Credit – Instagram)

Karan Kundrra marked a place in the Top 3 of Bigg Boss 15, but many were disappointed that he did not lift the trophy. The trip was extremely special for the actor as he met the love of his life, Tejasswi Prakash. But the race also brought him with a bittersweet comparison to Pratik Sehajpal. Scroll below for some exclusive details.

As most know, Karan was Pratik’s mentor during Love School. The duo always respected each other until Bigg Boss 15 happened. They were involved in multiple fights in the house and Kundrara was even aggressive towards his fellow contestant on multiple comparisons.

We asked Karan Kundrra if it touched him, the fact that he not only lost the Bigg Boss 15 trophy, but also his junior, Pratik Sehajpal. To this, the YRKKH actor said, “Not at all! I’ll give you an example of Prince Narula. He was a contestant in the season that me and Rannvijay (Singha) judged, the next season he stood next to me as a judge. Today I am and Prince brothers I don’t need anyone else when he’s by my side!”

Karan Kundrra continued: “This is a career and we have all participated. I was a contestant on a reality show, 10 to 13 years ago. It was a proud moment for me ki ‘mera banda (referring to Pratik Sehajpal) khada hai waha par.’ I had a difficult relationship with him for the entire show. It wasn’t like I didn’t care.”

Speaking of Bigg Boss 15 comparison with Pratik, Karan added: “I’ve worked with him on two shows, agar wo kuch galat karta tha mujhe irritation hoti thi. Koi aur galat karta tha, I was like bhad me jao, tumhara loss hai. It’s that simple. I had an older brother relationship with him and vice versa. We were both on our own turf, we fought, we loved!”

“Even when we left the house after turning off the lights, I hugged him. I said to him, “I’m proud of you.” I was so happy that Pratik and Tejasswi were next to me in the Top 2,” he said.

In the end, it’s all a professional career and Karan Kundrra is mature enough to understand that.

“Prince, he came, he won Bigg Boss and he has done 10 times better than me. And I was just proud of that. And I’m going to do the same for Pratik. I even told him I’m only a phone call away if he wants advice or is in trouble. I’m always there. We were in the Top 4 when we had this conversation,” he concluded.

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