Witchfire: Gameplay & Initial Impressions: When will it Release?


The developers behind BAFTA Award winner The Vanishing of Ethan Carter are developing a new game called Witchfire. So what is Witchfire? What will Witchfire focus on and when will it be released? In this blog, we will discuss everything we know about Witchfire in detail. Witchfire is an upcoming dark fantasy action-adventure first-person shooter video game. Astronauts are the developers of this upcoming game, just like The Vanishing of Ethan Carter. The story will revolve around a witch hunter hunting a powerful witch.

Astronauts are using Unreal Engine 4 for the development of their next game. Witchfire’s inspirations came from many other games. Some of the most prominent games are Soulsborne, Painkiller, and Destiny. Thomas Hill, Albert Bierstadt and Frederic Edwin Church are among the painters who provided artistic direction for Witchfire. Astronauts is an independent video game developer from Warsaw, Poland. Founder of People Can Fly developers Adrian Chmielarz, Michał Kosieradzki and Andrzej Poznański founded The Astronauts. The astronaut’s first game, The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, was well received and commercially successful. The Vanishing of Ethan Carter has sold over one million copies worldwide.

What is Witchfire?

Witchfire is an upcoming fantasy first-person shooter video game. The game will feature the rougelite elements in its gameplay. As of this writing, the developers, The Astronauts, haven’t said anything regarding the plot of the game. But on their official blog, one of the updates gave a little plot preview. . In Witchfire, players will control a witch hunter who must seek out a powerful witch and kill her. Killing the witch will grant the witch hunter the salvation he seeks.

Witchcraft fire gameplay

The game’s first announcement revealed that the game will not have cut scenes. The developers gave two reasons for this choice. First, astronauts aren’t great developers, and making cutscenes wasn’t realistic for them. Second, they wanted to have something different for Witchfire that they thought would work better. Players will find clues like written texts, visual clues, etc. These will lead the player to discover the truth. They continued and said that it would allow the player to explore and experience the world in its entirety.

game elements

Astronauts constantly provide an update on game progress. Witchfire will not support automatic health regenerations, Astronauts showed in one of their updates. One of the main goals for players will be the health of the protagonist. Enemies will swarm and overwhelm during combat sequences. The developers have also confirmed that Witchfire will come with supernatural elements like magic spells.

witch fire

Astronauts said Witchfire’s main inspiration was many games, and Soulsbornes was one of them. The key points they explained about how Witchfire draws inspiration from Soulsbornes are

  • Soulsbornes games have an indirect way of telling stories, in which there are no cutscenes. Witchfire will not have cutscenes.
  • The visuals of Soulsbornes games give a sense of dread and desperation, like creepy enemies with weird body shapes, etc. The Witchfire visuals, among all the released teasers and gameplay, give off the same feeling. His monsters have weird and strange shapes, they are scary, etc. The color tone representing something in the Soulsbornes is always greyish and blackish.

In one of the QnAs, a question was about the horror elements in the game. The astronauts, not entirely, answered that part of the game will contain the horror elements, and the sound department will be part of it.

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Witchfire: release date

So now you, the reader, know so much about this game, the main question that comes to your mind will be When will it be released? Is Witchfire coming in 2022 or 2023, or a year later? The astronauts announced their next project, Witchfire, in December 2017. The announcement took the form of a teaser on their official YouTube channel. The developers, on the same day of the announcement trailer, released new details about Witchfire on their official website.

The game is still in development and The Astronauts has not provided any details regarding the Witchfire release. They also did not specify what platforms it will come on, except for PC.

The astronaut announced something good in the January 2022 blog update. The game will come as the Early Access for PC in Q4 2022. Astronauts have confirmed they take the approach like Supergiant Games’ Hades or Motion Twin’s Dead Cells.

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