Windfall Netflix Release Date: Amateur Thief Robbing The Rich


The concept of being trapped inside isn’t new these days, and the premise of Netflix’s upcoming psychological thriller Windfall – with a twist – is no exception. The streaming service released the trailer for the film today, which stars Jason Segel, Lily Collins and Jesse Plemons in lonely drama about a terrible flight.

Windfall is directed by Charlie McDowell, who previously worked with Segel and Plemons on The Discovery, and has a script by Justin Lader and Andrew Kevin Walker based on a tale by McDowell and Segel, which will star in HBO Max’s Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers dynasty and The Sky is Everywhere from Apple TV+. Collins maintains her long-term commitment to Netflix, starring in the hit series Emily in Paris opposite her partner Kirsten Dunst, while Plemons maintains her connection to Netflix, having recently earned an Oscar nomination for her appearance in Netflix’s hit movie The Power of the Dog.

A gripping thriller that builds suspense all in one place. No one can be trusted in this Hitchcockian thriller on Netflix, Windfall, which always drags us into darker suspense.

Netflix Windfall release date

The trailer for Netflix’s highly anticipated thriller Windfall has recently been unveiled. McDowell’s character begins the 2-minute clip by eating an orange in the garden of the wealthy couple’s vacation home. When a married couple arrives at the last minute, their heist takes a turn for the worst. They had no idea they were leaving to be stuck inside! We get a fascinating insight into what Hitchcock’s style looks like in this little clip.

Netflix teases the Windfall release date at the end of the teaser. The drama will premiere on Netflix on March 18, 2022.

Netflix Windfall release date
Jason Segel

Bargain plot: comedy turns into thriller

Have you ever thought about what you would do if you were taken hostage in your vacation home by a strange criminal? That’s exactly what lovers will face in this suspenseful thriller. Plemons and Collins, who play a wealthy couple on vacation, are at the heart of the plot. They soon find themselves robbed by an unskilled thief. The thief demands $100 from the couple, but the couple are damn rich and tell him to ask for more. The world is unfair to him, why do they have everything and he doesn’t.

This experience is for him like a thief’s lesson, where he goes from amateur to I don’t know what. Also, what appears to be a friendly crime turns quickly as Plemons loses his temper and gets angry. As the nights roll in, things start to take a spooky turn inside what was once a jolly vacation home.

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Netflix’s Bargain Cast

Jason Segel and Lily Collins will star in Netflix’s Windfall. Segel is well recognized for his work in films such as How I Met Your Mother, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, The Muppets, Sex Tape, etc. Windfall, a dark thriller, will be a departure from Segel’s usual romantic comedy fare. Lily Collins is well known for her role as Emily in Emily in Paris (currently filming Season 2), as well as her past roles in Mank, The Mortal Instruments, Les Miserables and other films.

The aforementioned young couple will be played by Segel and Collins. Joining them will be Jesse Plemons (Breaking Bad, Fargo and Black Mirror) and Omar Leyva (Grey’s Anatomy, Icebox and McFarland).

Netflix Windfall Trailer
Netflix Windfall Trailer

What’s next for the main cast

As for lead character Jason, he was recently featured in the 2019 biopic Our Friend, and he will soon be seen in Josephine Decker director’s Heaven Is Everywhere. Lilly Collins, meanwhile, has three additional projects in the works: Halo of Stars, Gilded Rage and Titan, the first of which has wrapped filming and the latter two of which are currently in pre-production. Additionally, the actress will be seen in the next season of her popular series Emily in Paris.

Besides Windfall, Plemon will be seen this year in the western detective film Killers of the Flower Moon, and he will play lead character Allan Gore in the TV series Love and Death, which is currently in development.

Where to Watch Windfall: Streaming Details

The movie was shot during the outbreak and Netflix bought the rights to the movie for eight figures in July 2021. Windfall is releasing on March 18, 2022 and you can stream it on Netflix. It will be available to everyone on the planet. So no worries looking for it elsewhere.

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