Will Zenitsu Marry Nezuko? Is There Anything Between Them?


Zenitsu is one of the most popular characters among Demon Slayer fans who really love him and admire his journey in the anime. Zenitsu Agatsuma appears in Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, a 2016 fantasy horror anime and manga series, as well as the movie Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba the Movie: Mugen Train. Both the manga and the anime were successful, so the plot was converted into a stage play, with performances scheduled while the animation ran. Zenitsu is a Demon Slayer who belongs to the Demon Slayer Corps. Along the journey, we witnessed a lot of character growth.

Zenitsu’s personality is probably the most adaptable. His fans look up to him not only because he’s a demon slayer, but also because he has so much to teach them that they relate to him. How he was terrified of proving whether he was good enough or not, how he never lost faith in himself, and how he fought to overcome his doubts. Despite the fact that it was only an anime, we learned a lot from this character.

Zenitsu has a habit of falling in love with women. He pursues all the ladies in the hope that they will return his feelings. He was featured in an episode where he harassed a woman to become his girlfriend. He constantly appeals to women. Zenitsu thinks that if he becomes single, it will be easier for him to be killed. He is always attracted to attractive women and asks them to marry him. When several women try to flirt with Tanjiro and Inosuke, however, he becomes enraged and demands that they press charges against him in order to make them jealous. Most of the time, he can be seen chasing after ladies. Will Zenitsu marry Nezuko later in the anime, given how crazy he is about her? Let’s see how Zenitsu’s love for Nezuko develops in this article.

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Zenitsu’s fighting style

Zenitsu’s fighting style is one of the most amazing, ranging from questioning his ability to defeat the opponent in combat as if his life were at stake and he would do anything not to fail. When terrified, such as when confronted by a demon, he goes into sleep mode. He transforms his personality into a faster and more dangerous warrior while he sleeps. He goes into the unconscious as if he were doing it himself but ignores what is happening. He wakes up after finishing the demon, forgets what he did to the demons, and starts moaning again.

Will Zenitsu marry Nezuko

He also showed Thunder Breathing, a new breathing technique. Zenitsu also claims that by using this form he has tremendous abilities. He learned to breathe light. He was unable to master any form when taught by his great instructor or sensei because he was terrified of it and believed he would never be able to conquer his fears, therefore he continually doubted himself. He only learns six techniques, and he is only shown using one of them, the thunderclap and the flash, which he clearly masters. It helps him achieve divine speed, which no one, including demons, can see. Breathing is also incredibly beneficial as it improves the user’s ability to move in combat, especially against demons that have a high regeneration and movement rate.

Will Zenitsu marry Nezuko?

Yes. One of the off-putting aspects of Zenitsu early in the series is that he constantly seems eager to get married. On his way to his next task, Tanjiro encountered him this way. Zenitsu was begging a girl by the side of the road to marry him, and he was even crying in despair. This is also how his guardian Jigoro discovered him in debt due to a woman’s deception.

Zenitsu doesn’t seem to be old enough to rush into marriage in fact, he was 16 when he first appeared, according to the Kimetsu no Yaiba databook. He has only one main love interest throughout the series: Nezuko Kamado, Tanjiro’s younger sister. Their friendship develops over time, with Zenitsu’s maturity playing a major role.

Will Zenitsu marry Nezuko
Nezuko and Zenitsu

Zenitsu has a crush on Nezuko despite her great fear of demons. He repeatedly tries to persuade her to marry him and never fails to express his adoration to her whenever he meets her. Zenitsu, on the other hand, eventually calms down around Nezuko, then becomes considerably less belligerent later on. He frequently talks to her about the rehabilitation training session he is doing with Tanjiro which she skipped, how Tanjiro encourages Zenitsu during this rehabilitation training, and also how he promises to take her along. in a flower field at some point. He had also allowed Nezuko to peek at Shinobu Kocho’s goldfish without Shinobu’s consent.

Zenitsu also saves Nezuko several times when she is in danger, as evidenced by Zenitsu’s initial encounter with Inosuke Hashibira as well as the train battle against Enmu. Zenitsu and Nezuko eventually married and started a family, as evidenced by their successors.

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