Will ‘Vienna Blood’ Be Renewed For A Season 3?


Ever since fans watched the Vienna Blood Season 2 finale, they’ve been wondering if there’s a Season 3 on the table. Well, Vienna Blood has also won a lot of love and appreciation from audiences and critics. The show is historic and set in the 1900s. The cinematography is top-notch and the cast of the show know how to play their roles perfectly.

We see Oskar, who is a detective, and Max, who is a young doctor, team up to solve the mysteries of the murders happening in Vienna. This explains the name of the series ‘Vienna Blood’. While Oskar believes in his traditional ways of solving crimes, Max takes a different approach. He studied Freud and believes in criminal psychology. Max solves cases by the psychology of the criminal rather than his instincts. It works beautifully, and Oskar sees it much later in Season 2.

The show takes us around Vienna and introduces us to 1900s Vienna. It’s great fun to watch Max and Oskar’s friendship grow as the story progresses, which is also why the series is so appreciated. Who doesn’t love the chemistry between two friends solving weird cases together? Of course we want a Season 3 of Vienna Blood, but the question is, will there be a Season 3? Let’s get answers!

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What is Vienna blood about?

The series is based on a best-selling crime novel. It is written by Frank Talli and the story is set in the early 1900s in the Austrian metropolis of Vienna. We see Detective Inspector Oskar Rheinhardt teaming up with a young doctor, Max Liebermann. Together they solve murder mysteries. The character of Max believes in the theories of Sigmund Freud. We all know that Sigmund Freud is known as the father of psychology. Max assists Oskar in profiling murder suspects.

Vienna Blood Season 3
A photo from the series

In the series so far, we have seen Liebermann working as a psychiatrist. He is enlisted by Oskar to help investigate three different murder cases in Vienna. One is about a depressed Hungarian countess, another is about a foreign project, and the last is about a monastery. Basically, both solve unusual and surprising cases of murder and brutality.

Recap of what happened in previous seasons

We see the awkward but wonderful friendship between Max and Oskar again. We already know that Max applies criminal psychology to solve cases. In criminal psychology, instead of looking for “how the murder took place, we try to understand” why the murder took place. They see the world through the eyes of the criminal and how they would act in certain situations. It’s a study of the minds of criminals.

However, Oskar uses more traditional tactics to solve cases. Even though he notices how brilliant Max’s tactics are in the first season. Oskar observes how Max solves cases and catches up to him. Max’s character is fascinated by and believes in Freud’s views on human behavior, while Oskar has an idea in his brain and follows it. He mainly deduces his cases based on his instincts and experience. We can call them an odd pair together.

One of the previous season’s episodes begins in the fall of 1907 with the discovery of a melancholic Hungarian countess drowned in a bath. We know the Hungarian was depressed. Max had asked the Countess to stop taking her prescribed medication. He begins a course of Freud to cure her. However, she dies. This leaves Max broken and he joins Oskar in solving the case. They soon realize that the Countess has been poisoned. Max and Oskar set out to find the killer soon after.

Vienna Blood Season 3
A photo from the series

The relationship between Max and Oskar

In season 2, we see Max solve the case of his own patient. Max and Oskar additionally solve terrible murders. This season puts a lot of emphasis on the two men’s budding friendship. In season 1, we see how different their methods are, and they don’t follow each other so quickly. The sequences where we see Max and Oskar bonding this season are so well done by the actors.

Between the two main characters, there is a third important character. This is the city of Vienna. The series was shot on location in Vienna for much of its production. He offered the public a virtual tour of the city. In terms of history and culture, the TV series shows how Vienna was a tourist hotspot in the early 1900s. Vienna is also where Sigmund Freud developed psychoanalysis. Much of what happened in Vienna’s history helped her develop intellectually in today’s Western world and civilization. Now, the city’s multi-ethnicity, the collapse of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and the growing wave of anti-Semitism in Vienna are all hinted at in the second season. The series is known for being a historical document, which is why it is so beloved.

Vienna Blood Season 3
A photo from the series

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The mystery of the monastery

In the season 2 finale, we see the case of a monk. Oskar tries to do his best to help Max in his investigation within the monastery. On the advice of the archivist Fraulein Lindner, he went to the City Museum to examine the architectural drawings of the monastery.

Later in the series, we see that suspicion rests with Isaak Korngold, who is a devout Jew. He had reprimanded the monk for promoting anti-Semitic remarks. Following Oskar’s arrest of the obvious suspect, controversy pushes the Korngold family into bankruptcy. This jeopardizes the upcoming marriage of Isaak’s brother, Jonas, to Clara Weiss. After that, Clara has no choice but to ask her ex-boyfriend Max for help. We then see Max in the guise of a monk as he goes undercover and investigates.

Meanwhile, Oskar’s investigation puts him at odds with Commissioner Von Bulow, who believes Max is obstructing his investigation into a Jewish revenge murder. We see Max go in search of a secret chamber leading to the sacristy. However, we find that he is followed by his ally’s brother, Killian. Oskar gave him custody of one eye on Max. Next, we see Max observing a breeze floating through their candle flame as they travel together and locate a door in a closet. The gate leads to a park speckled with bloodstains. There, Max discovered the blood from Stanislav’s murder! They deduce that the monks must have brought Stanislav’s body into the sacristy.

Max in the blood of Vienna

Further in the investigation of the monastery

Max deduced that someone had written to Stanislav asking him to see a relic from the sacristy, and he took her outside and was killed. However, Von Bülow is still certain that a “Jewish ritual” is taking place and that David, the monk, was murdered by an accomplice of Isaak, possibly even Max, while Isaak is in prison. Regardless of speculation, Oskar obtains a warrant to search the sacristy.

Now someone has murdered David, made both of their deaths appear as Christian martyrs, and hid the Hebrew runes and paper in Korngold’s bank. Only one person could have had access to it and benefited from the crime attributed to Isaak. It was Strobl.

Strobl went to the monastery and killed the monk, recalling Isaac’s threat to him. Knowing there was a witness, he had no choice but to kill David. He was able to buy Korngold’s bank after all that. Max and Oskar solve the mystery yet again. When they confront Strobl, he raises a sword at Oskar, but Max distracts him by throwing his hat, and Oskar grabs and cuffs the Strobl. After that, Isaac is freed. Unbeknownst to Jonas, Clara visits Max to express her gratitude and the season ends there.

When will ‘Vienna Blood’ Season 3 be released?

The Season 2 finale of Vienna Blood aired on Christmas Eve. After the end of the season, everyone wondered about the release date of season 3. Well, unfortunately, nothing has been confirmed by the creators of the series yet. The BBC hasn’t come out to say whether or not they’re doing a third season. However, the series is getting a lot of love, so hopefully it will be renewed for another season.

Each episode is based on one of six books in Frank Tallis’ Liebermann book series. So it’s obvious that there’s a lot of source material to review and explore. It is quite possible that a season three is in preparation, keeping in mind that there are six volumes!

Who is part of the cast of season 3 of Vienna Blood?

Well, we will see Max Liebermann played by Matthew Beard, while the role of Oskar Reinhardt will be played in a very magical way by Jürgen Maurer. In addition to these two main characters, we will see Clara played by Luise von Finckh and Rachel Liebermann played by Amelia Bullmore. Finally, Mendel Liebermann will be played by Conleth Hill.

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