Will There Be Sister Wives Season 16 Episode 14? Will We Get A Season 17 Instead?


Compared to the rest of the season and past reunion episodes, many fans felt the Tell-All of Sister Wives season 16 was disappointing. Sister Wives season 16 has been dubbed “the best ever” by fans. As a result, many fans expected the reunion to offer the same degree of drama. However, there are various reasons why fans have been disappointed with the Tell-All so far.

The Brown family struggled to come to an agreement on how to deal with the COVID-19 outbreak on their sprawling estate in Phoenix, Arizona in Sister Wives Season 16. After Kody set strict rules regarding every woman separating from each other and even himself, Christine and Janelle were pitted against Kody and Robyn Brown. Christine and Janelle were frequently seen together, and Christine’s marriage to Kody, which had lasted over 25 years, finally came to an end.

Episode 13 Recap: Kody Has Only One Wife Left

Christine discussed the divorce on the latest episode of tonight’s Sister Wives show’s three-part one-on-one. She said ending the marriage was liberating and she had no regrets. She really doesn’t. Christine, on the other hand, claims that marriage works best when she puts herself last.

She and Kody had no problem when she put everyone first. They weren’t bickering at all. He wasn’t begging her to change or put family first. The marriage began to fall apart when Christine grew tired of being the basement wife.

Sister Wives season 16 episode 14

She only started speaking for herself after her father told her that she was important too and he could see how miserable she was. No one else seemed to notice. Christine defending herself had tipped the balance of the relationship. This made it easier for him to get along with Janelle, but not with anyone else.

Christine wants to be happy alone

Christine picked up Kody’s things after learning they would never be intimate again. well, at least that’s what she says. Kody, on the other hand, disagrees. Kody explained that he didn’t want to be intimate right now because he heard from the kids that she was planning to leave him and he felt cheated. He said he never ruled out the possibility of it happening again.

Christine had every right to feel irritated by him. She tried to save their relationship. For years, she put him first. Nothing she did or said could save the marriage in the end because she put everyone first. Christine is in a better position now that she is dating her. Meanwhile, Kody was content with Robyn.

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Is there Sister Wives Season 16 Episode 14?

Let’s get things straight. The last episode of season 16 (episode 13) ended the season. And, unfortunately, there will be no episode 14 this year. So if you were waiting for episode 14, here it is. I have wonderful news for you. Instead, you could wait for season 17.

Sister Wives season 16 episode 14
Family Sister Wives

After Christine’s divorce from Kody, it looks like the family will struggle to stay the same. Due to Kody’s recent admission that he is following advice, this is the case. As a result, people claimed he was mourning the loss of Christine. Also, following the infidelity scandal, Kody publicly admitted that he couldn’t trust Meri.

And as for Janelle, Kody said he doesn’t care about her. As a result, all of these factors contribute to whether or not the show will return. Is it pending at TLC or has it been cancelled? Meanwhile, TLC is known for its consistently entertaining episodes. One of them happens to be Sister Wives.

As a result, Sister Wives will most likely return on a pleasant note for its seventeenth season. Paedon Brown said his mother will be filming for the upcoming season. Meri and Robyn Brown, in particular, revealed that they were filming Season 17 during their live stream. As a result, it seems doubtful that the show will be canceled. TLC, on the other hand, has yet to confirm this.

Kody Brown (centre) with his sister wives (left to right) Christine, Janelle, Robyn and Meri.
Kody Brown (centre) with his sister wives (left to right) Christine, Janelle, Robyn and Meri.

Where to watch Sister Wives?

On Sundays, simply turn on TLC to watch the family drama surrounding polygamous marriage. Plus, you can watch the show whenever you want on the TLC website or app. On platforms such as Xfinity, Spectrum, Sling, DirecTV, Dish, Philo TV and Fubo TV, the show is also available in live streaming mode. The show can be accessed on various platforms including Google Play, Amazon Instant Video, and Vudu.

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