Will There Be Fishbowl Wives Season 2 on Netflix?


Landing on Netflix this Valentine’s Day was Fishbowl wives. The Japanese adult romantic drama adapted from the manga “Kingyo Tsuma” with eight episodes is attracting everyone’s attention. From steamy affairs to routine domestic violence, Fishbowl Wives frequently asked: Is it okay to cheat? While viewers got their answers by watching the drama. And, many of them wonder if there would be Fishbowl Wives season 2? Based on the popular manga by Ryo Kurosawa, Fishbowl Wives could be renewed for season 2 or not. Here’s everything we know.

Fishbowl Wives follows the lives of six women living in a luxurious high-rise apartment. Frustrated and unhappy with their married life, they indulge in extramarital affairs. In short, they begin to externalize the love. Principally, Fishbowl Wives focuses on Sakura (Ryoko Shinohara), who makes everyone envious of her perfect life and her husband. However, Sakura is mentally and physically abused by her husband behind the doors.

After deciding to adopt a goldfish (Japanese: Kingyo), Sakura meets Haruto (Takanori Iwata), who makes her feel loved again.

The six women also find love and criticism from society. But is it worth it? Fishbowl Wives Season 2 might bring viewers’ favorite couple – Sakura and Haruto – back into our lives. So when can we expect Fishbowl Wives will season 2 be released on netflix?

Is Fishbowl Wives being renewed for season 2 by Netflix?

Fishbowl Wives is not yet renewed for another season by Netflix. Considering that the Japanese drama was launched a day ago, we can expect the streamer to take some time before confirming Fishbowl Wives Season 2. Netflix considers the performance of a particular drama in terms of viewership and engagement before greenlighting a TV series. Thinking about the instant popularity of Fishbowl Wives, we could expect to see a season 2 soon.

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Who will be in Fishbowl Wives Season 2?

Yes Fishbol Wives season 2 is coming, we can expect to see the return of Sakura and Haruto, played by Ryoko Shinohara and Takanori Iwata respectively. Additionally, Masanobu Ando (Takuya), Kyōko Hasegawa (Yuriha), Hidekazu Mashima (Momoki), Shizuka Nakamura (Yuka), and Saori Seto (Noriko) could return next season.

Some of the main characters from Season 1 might not return since their story ended well. Fishbowl Wives The Season 2 cast may see some new faces and characters.

Fishbowl Wives cast
credit: Netflix

Season 1 comes from directors Matsuyama Hiroaki (Mystery to Iunakare) and Namiki Michiko (Bride Battle of Busu). On the other hand, Tsubota Fomi (Will I Be Single Forever?, Utsukushii Kare) serves as the screenwriter.

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Fishbowl Season 1 Ending

Even though the stories of all the wives ended up with unlimited possibilities, they ended up with happy smiles, unlike the beginning of the drama.

Presented as a romantic drama, Fishbowl Wives dives deeper than that. We see Sakura struggling to divorce her husband; Divorce is always a sensitive topic in Japan, and society generally frowns upon it. In Japan, a divorced woman is called “batsuichi”, which means “Strike One”. According to several surveys, Japanese women are asked to quit their jobs and raise children after marriage.

In Fishbowl Wives, we find Sakura crying desperately about working at Salon and wanting her husband’s love. She somehow manages to realize her dream of working in a salon like Fishbowl Wives season 1 is ending. Also, she divorces Takuya, who regrets his choices.

We see the six women living out their new lives after a two-year gap in the finale. Yuka tells Noriko that she is pregnant. However, she does not know the identity of the father. Sota and Saya resolve their issues and start running together. Later, Hisako lives happily with her son and her husband. Meanwhile, Yuriha happily cooks dinner for her entire family, and she even gets in touch with Momoki. And Noriko lives with Tsuta after leaving her husband.

Fishbowl wives ending

In the final moments of the drama, Sakura is found opening a salon, working with Takuya’s employees. She is happy, but far from Haruto. As the two wrap up their day, they prepare to watch the fireworks. Sakura and Haruto get lost in memories thinking of when they saw the fireworks together. Haruto even buys Sakura’s favorite drink before watching the fireworks.

Fans believe the two will meet in the end. Unfortunately, the two don’t get together and we find them enjoying the fireworks alone.

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Fishbowl Wives Season 2: What will be the plot

The Japanese drama is based on the adult manga in nine chapters. And Fishbowl Wives partially covers the first chapter of the manga. Although there is enough source material to continue the story in Season 2, viewers can expect to see Fishbowl Wives Season 2 picks up where it left off.

The majority of the story examines Sakura’s distressed life with her abusive husband until she meets Haruto. The two began an affair, while Sakura decided to separate from her husband, Takuya. On the other hand, Yuka’s husband doesn’t fulfill her wish to become a mother. Thus, she starts seeing her ex-boyfriend, Jun again.

Meanwhile, Noriko’s husband forces her to have a physical relationship with his younger brother, Tsuta, for his pleasure. Things change when Noriko finds Tsuta to be a better match for her. At the same time, Sota and Saya feel their marriage falling apart as Saya spends most of her time drinking and lying on the couch. Saya finds solace in Takuya for a brief time because of their steamy encounters.

Fishbowl wives S2

At the same time, Yuriha thinks her husband prioritizes his mother more than her. Feeling disrespected at times, she began an affair with Momoki, a construction worker, helping him renovate his house. Also, Hisako’s son confronts her about her dangerous relationship with Baba.

In Season 2, we can expect Sakura and Haruto to reunite. Additionally, the other five women said goodbye to the drama with a happy ending. However, viewers can get a glimpse of the women’s new life. They will get to know Yuka’s baby-daddy; Yuriha’s date with Momoki; Hisako’s renewed happy family; Noriko and Tsuta’s new life together; Sakura’s Hair Salon, and more.

Fishbowl Wives Season 2 Release Date

Fishbowl Wives SSeason 2 release date is not here. Since Netflix is ​​not renewing the drama for Season 2, we cannot determine the precise release date. If we were to calculate a provisional release for Fishbowl Wives season 2, viewers could expect it to air next year, with eight episodes.

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Where to watch Fishbowl Wives? Online broadcast details

Fishbowl Wives was released on Netflix on February 14, 2022. The series contains eight episodes that are 45-50 minutes in length. Supported by Netflix, Fishbowl Wives is a Netflix Original. So viewers and fans can stream all eight episodes online on the streaming giant.

Fishbowl Wives Season 2 Release Date
Sakura and Haruto (created: Netflix)

You will need a Netflix subscription to access the drama. Choose a plan and you are ready to watch the thrilling new Japanese drama. Fishbowl Wives is available in Japanese audio (original) with English and Japanese subtitles, respectively.

Netflix is ​​a home for thousands of movies and TV shows from all regions. With a presence in over 90 countries, Netflix is ​​one of the biggest online streamers. Due to its worldwide popularity, viewers can enjoy Fishbowl Wives from all over the world. Watch the first season here.

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Fishbowl Wives Review

Viewers are loving the latest drama. Asian countries where divorce and extramarital affairs are considered almost taboo have positive reviews on Fishbowl wives. The drama presents a range of problems in a marriage: domestic violence, lack of love, infidelity, etc. Plus, viewers love the chemistry between Sakura and Haruto, as well as the other couples.

The steamy and dirty relationships seemed to impress fans. Netflix will soon give a detailed report on Fishbowl wives performance, which will also decide its future. Until then, you can enjoy the first season.

In the meantime, keep reading and we’ll keep you posted. Fishbowl Wives season 2.

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