Will Commander Red Die in Dragon Ball?


Commander Red is the dwarf commander-in-chief of the Red Ribbon Army, the most feared and ruthless militaristic criminal organization. After discovering that his opponent, Goku, has a much more sophisticated and superior Radar Dragon, he is furious that he spent so much money on his radar and took so many risky risks only to be challenged by a child. Commander Red is the main antagonist for the majority of the Red Ribbon Army Saga. Gero then created an entirely artificial replica of himself called Android 9, which eventually became the “leader” of the Red Pants Army. Will Commander Red die in Dragon Ball? In this article, you will learn how and who will kill the Red Dragon Ball Commander. Let’s learn more about Commander Red.

Ever since elementary school, his friends have made fun of Red’s height, calling him a “shrimp” and even remarking that despite his short stature, he has the face of an old man. Also, because of his obvious dwarfism, several girls refused to have anything to do with him. These are the reasons why Commander Red hates being small and yearns to be bigger. He also loses his right eye at some point, which requires the use of an eye patch. When he learned of the Dragon Balls, he formed the Red Ribbon Army to obtain them, ostensibly so the military could use them to wish for world domination. However, while Red intended to use the military to take over the world (as he later revealed to Black), his motivation for wanting the bullets was to increase his size. Let’s find out more about Commander Red.

Who is the Red Commander?

Commander Red proves to be a terrible leader of the Red Ribbon Army, as well as a ruthless leader. Even when Staff Officer Black makes valid suggestions to him, he is often sarcastic and insulting. He is also very disloyal to his army, viewing them as nothing more than pawns for his own purposes, as evidenced by his desire to obtain the Dragon Balls as well as his willingness to destroy his army for, in Black’s words, “to satisfy his own”. vanity” to become “as tall as a mountain. Black went so far as to accuse him of having no concept of loyalty.

Although he ultimately only cares about himself, he has shown himself to be capable of gratitude. He implies that he only considered sparing General Blue if he managed to beat the mercenary Tao in battle rather than immediately executing him for his failure to obtain the Dragon Balls themselves and deliver to him as compensation due to his discovery of the Dragon Radar. He is also shown to be very childish and impatient, and he does not want to allow the military to make a minor mistake in their operations to achieve their goals.

Due to this more childish aspect, he is also shown to be extremely mean-spirited towards even unpredictable failures, best shown in the Japanese anime when he orders Black to have the research team responsible for developing the Global Dragon executed. Radar only because Goku has a far superior role model. As a result, he was shown to have no qualms about killing many of his men for the most trivial of reasons.

Commander Red Die
Red Commander and Black Officer

His smoking habit persists after he becomes Android 9, although he now smokes with a metal pipe. He spoke with a Scottish accent in the Funimation dub in his early appearances, but dropped it right before his demise, and even then only at various times. He may have been a little lustful, as one of the reasons he wanted to grow up was to get various girls to fall head over heels for him.

Commander Red owned a cat, which he frequently used to attack Red Ribbon Army personnel entering his office, such as Colonel Silver, to test their reflexes. The English dub also implies that any soldier who fails to effectively evade the cat (e.g. a soldier who allegedly lost an eye due to not reacting quickly enough) is executed. In the Japanese version, he is a little less stern and simply warns Silver not to be pretentious in the slightest degree as it could result in death.

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Will Commander Red die in Dragon Ball?

Yes, Commander Red will die in Dragon Ball. Red is killed by Staff Officer Black after the latter discovers his true intentions with the Dragon Balls. He fell off a ledge just after being shot by Black and was shot in the side rather than the head. Also, the way he ended up admitting his true wish was closer to how he admitted it in the manga, when he admitted it in a panic over Goku’s impending arrival, rather than to admit it privately after believing he killed Goku and Black.

Commander Red Die
Commander Red Die

Where to watch Dragon Ball online?

You can currently stream “Dragon Ball” on Hulu or purchase it as a download from Amazon Video and Microsoft Store.

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