Why is Kitten Bowl 2022 Canceled? Everything We Know About It So Far!


Everyone was looking forward to the 2022 Kitten Bowl, but the bad news is that it’s canceled. The network has announced that it has canceled the event but will still be willing to work with partners who have supported their animal awareness cause. In Kitten Bowl, we saw little kittens participate in the game of football, and it was adorable. The journey began in 2014 and has been a big part of the network ever since. They have successfully provided shelter for many kittens.

The main idea was to tell people how important it is to see how protected kittens look as good as any other kitten! The CEO of Crown Media, which aired the show, recently resigned. Bill Abbott, the former CEO of Crown Media, explained how Kitten Bowl was their passion project and how dedicated they were to raising animal awareness. The team is also very grateful to everyone who helped raise awareness. Bill also said he would always be happy to be a part of Kitten Bowl and was also grateful that his team was able to find “forever” homes for so many cats! Even though the 2022 Kitten Bowl has been canceled, you have to wonder what the reason could be. Also, will there be another event instead of the Kitten Bowl?

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What is the Kitten Bowl?

Kitten Bowl began as Hallmark Channel’s cat adoption awareness. The basic idea was to make people understand the different advantages of adopting a pet. The creators believe in educating the general public about how these animals are as valuable as human beings. Kitten Bowl is an ongoing pet campaign called “Adoption Ever After.” The show includes kittens playing “football” while we hear hosts provide us with great storytelling through puns and cat jokes! It’s a very wholesome show, and we see a lot of cute animals playing!

Kitten Bowl 2022 Canceled
A photo of Kitten Bowl, 2019

One of the creators drew attention to the problem of homelessness that these animals face. It’s still a big issue in many countries, and people tend not to care enough about it, so showing it on TV helps people understand how important this issue is. Plus, through this show, hundreds of pet shelters have participated, and the creators have managed to provide homes for hundreds of cats! These cute kittens have found their “forever home” with loving people.

Kitten Bowl 2022 cancelled: why?

The Kitten Bowl aired on Sundays, and it turned Super Bowl Sunday into one of the most anticipated days of the year in years! Unfortunately, the network has canceled the 2022 game. The news is very bad news for animal lovers who loved watching these cute kittens play football.

Kitten Bowl 2022 Canceled
A picture of Kitten Bowl

So when did the news break? Well, one of the show’s fans asked about the 2022 lineup, and news of Kitten Bowl’s cancellation surfaced. Apparently, the network no longer focuses on the “animal content” it used to provide. Although they are no longer involved in launching a show on their network, the creators said they are happy to help communities like North Shore Animal League America as part of their commitment to social responsibility projects.

What’s next for the channel? Will there be a new event?

Media company GAC Family Network has fresh news, and it’s good. Although Kitten Bowl 2022 has been discontinued, there will be a new event instead. Hallmark Channel has announced that the network is planning a feline event for next year. It will be released in February 2023 and will be called “Great American Rescue Bowl”. Now the question arises, what will it be about? While Kitten Bowl was limited to kittens, the new event will also include puppies! How cute. The event will highlight the importance of adopting pets from shelters and animal shelters. Just like pets, rescued animals also need homes.

So, events like this will help people learn more about these rescued animals. The good thing is that “Great American Rescue Bowl” will have more animals! Now, because this event won’t air until next year, for all you cat lovers out there, you’ll have to settle for Kitty Half-Time Show. This show will air midway through Puppy Bowl 2022. It will air on Sunday. You can watch it on Animal Planet and stream it on Discovery Plus, Philo, and Fubo TV.

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