Who Is Trafalgar Law From One Piece?


One of the best known One Piece characters is Trafalgar Law. While Law’s story has been filled out in the Dressrosa arc, many facts about the “surgeon of death” remain unknown to fans. For all One Piece enthusiasts, this article provides everything you need to know about Trafalgar Law. Trafalgar D. Water Law, sometimes referred to as Trafalgar or the “Surgeon of Death”, is a North Blue pirate who serves as both captain and doctor of the Heart Pirates. He is part of the “worst generation”, a group of twelve pirates. During the time jump, he became one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea, but his rank was revoked after his alliance with the Straw Hat Pirates. Law, like several other pirates, wishes to locate the One Piece while learning the meaning of D’s Will. Law is the only recognized survivor of Flevance, a hamlet where the inhabitants suffered from amber lead syndrome.

As the disease was devastating and little understood, the surrounding countries eradicated Flevance in terror, with only a young Law surviving. He then became a member of the Donquixote Pirates, where Donquixote Doflamingo decided to make Law one of his leaders. Law was freed from the grip of the Donquixote Pirates through the attempts of Doflamingo’s brother, Rosinante, and became a pirate determined to bring down Doflamingo’s empire. During the Sabaody Archipelago arc, Law joins the Straw Hat Pirates for a short time before saving Luffy’s life at the end of the Marineford arc. As during Dressrosa and Four Emperors Sagas, he is one of the Straw Hat Pirates’ most important friends. During the film One Piece: Stampede, he also appears as an accomplice of the Straw Hat Pirates.

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The Tragedy of Flevance

Law was born in Flevance, a nation in the North Blue known as the “white town” due to the hue of the amber lead mined there. He resided there with his parents, both doctors, and his younger sister, who was also in medical school. Law’s childhood occurred during the height of amber lead poisoning in the country, and he was doomed to perish before coming of age. The kingdom was at odds with its neighbors, who incorrectly assumed the disease was contagious. Although the world government and the royal family knew about the disease in advance, they did not tell the people, even when the symptoms became more evident.

Everything you need to know about the Trafalgar Law
Trafalgar Law

Her parents were doing all they could to help people, but they couldn’t do much because they lacked the necessary supplies. Law’s sister, who was in an advanced stage of the disease, was also slowly dying. Law accepted an invitation from a local nun to accompany her as she rounded up children to be evacuated from the island during the war. He refused as he did not want to abandon his sister, but the nun assured him that she would come back for him. His parents, on the other hand, were killed before his eyes by an extermination team. As the country collapsed, her parents’ hospital was set on fire with her sister inside, and the nun and her cronies were also massacred in the attack. Law managed to break out of confinement by hiding among the corpses being transported out of town, despite his emotional state. After losing everything and being betrayed by everything he cared about, Law became pessimistic and omnicidal. He sought to crush the world even more as he could without trusting anything.

Trafalgar Law’s loyalty to friends and team

Law studied medicine at an institution with several other students throughout his childhood in Flevance. Although a few students were irritated when Law grabbed a dead frog, they were mostly good friends, and when troops from other nations falsely claimed the children could leave, they objected when Law chose to stay. to take care of her sick sister and her parents. . A nun, extremely gentle and kind to Law, was present with the children. When the troops shot and killed all of his students and the nun, Law sobbed uncontrollably.

Everything you need to know about the Trafalgar Law
Trafalgar Law

He is particularly receptive to new crew members, as evidenced by his invitation to serve former slave pirate commander Jean Bart. His team has proven that they revere and respect Law as they follow his orders no matter what. Bepo, Shachi, and Penguin were thrilled to learn that Law was also on Zou when they caught up with Luffy. Law is also concerned about his crew as he wants to free them after they are kidnapped by the Beasts Pirates. He scowled at Shinobu when she proposed that they be silenced to discourage the Beast Pirates from gaining knowledge from them. He also believes in them and refuses to think that they will abandon the Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai Coalition.


Law was a very kind and loving youngster as a young boy entering a medical academy in Flevance, refusing to leave his family alone despite falsely promised evacuations, and aiming to become a brilliant doctor like his father while happily attending festivals with her doting younger sister. . Law continued to suffer from a nervous breakdown after his homeland was ruined, classmates and family were wiped out, and diagnosed with just 38 months to live, according to Doflamingo. He became known for being very violent and nihilistic, deliberately trying to enlist the Donquixote Pirates so he could “destroy everything around him”. Law only had a crisis of conscience after Corazon cured him of his ailment.

Everything you need to know about the Trafalgar Law
Trafalgar Law

When not in a difficult situation, Present Law is a laid-back but cunning man. Law prefers to be patient and act only when the time is right, avoiding unnecessary confrontations and waiting for a beneficial chance to accomplish his goals, such as his intentional decision not to rush his entry further into the New World and his later elevation to the Seven Warlords of the Sea. Additionally, Law dislikes starting or participating in commotions that might draw unwanted attention to him. He enjoys watching other people’s chaos, such as a fight between two other Super Rookies or when the Straw Hat Pirates descend on the Human Rafling House inside the Sabaody Archipelago. After the time jump, Law’s smile fades and he adopts a more cautious and watchful gaze.

In reality, he only smiles when he is happy that a plan has worked or when he aims to irritate an opponent. Against other well-known hackers, especially those of the Worst Generation, Law takes a more daring approach. For example, he then asked X Drake how many people he had slaughtered in his first appearance, even though he had no qualms about making stern gestures at Eustass Kid, the Archipelago’s most desirable rookie pirate. Sabaody with a notoriety for slaughtering civilians for the slightest reason, sometimes smiling defiantly while doing so.

Relationship between Trafalgar Law and Doflamingo

Law and Doflamingo got along very well since Doflamingo thought of him as his younger brother and stood up for him when Giolla mistook his illness for contagiousness when it actually wasn’t that. Doflamingo even stated that he intended to make Law his right-hand man, promising to get a Devil Fruit to cure him and make it possible. Buffalo also claimed that Doflamingo reserved the “seat of the heart” for him. Law eventually revealed how rarely Doflamingo cared for him, then after the latter revealed to Corazon that he aimed to “educate” Law to die for him by doing propaganda through the operation of eternal life of Ope Ope no Mi, as well as Doflamingo murdering Corazon, who ended up saving Law’s life by giving him his Devil Fruit to help treat his illness, Law switched sides from Doflamingo, shouting blasphemies to avenge the death of Corazon.

Trafalgar Law

Law’s favorite food

Some of Rosinante’s characteristics swept Law away due to their friendship. Maybe it’s because he admires Rosinante and sees him as a second father figure, which is very nice. Onigiri and grilled salmon are Law’s favorite dishes, while bread and umeboshi are his least favourites. He and his buddy Don Quixote Rosinante share a hatred for bread. Bread is a common food in the One Piece world, and it is mostly depicted in the early sections of the series. However, the characters also ate rice. Surprisingly, the same is not true for umeboshi dried plums, which were Rosinante’s favorite.

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