Who Is The Secret Son Of Netero from Hunter x Hunter?


Netero was said to be the strongest Nen user in the world 50 years ago, but he admits that he is already past his current age and his subordinates may be stronger than him now (but his subordinates direct do not agree). Netero is also revealed to be older than Killua’s grandfather, Zeno Zoldyck, who is said to be 67 years old. At one point, Zeno claims that Netero was not only old when he was a young boy, but also the only person alive who had a fight with Maha’s (Zeno) grandfather. Various declared times would push into the triple digit range. He can use attacks faster than the speed of sound. His talent is well known. As for his relationships, we were introduced to one of his secret sons in the Hunter x Hunter manga. So, who is Beyond Netero’s secret son?

Hunter X Hunter is an anime series set in a world where professional “hunters” exist. They are people who undergo testing and training to perform dangerous tasks such as tracking down dangerous animals, criminals, and even treasures hidden in forbidden places. The Hunter Association licenses these hunters. It is a non-governmental organization responsible for testing these fighters and ensuring that they are prepared for whatever they will be asked to do. Because Hunters are invited to travel to any part of the world for some reason, the people who test them are elite members who have proven to be better than the rest.

Who is Netero’s Secret Son?

Beyond is Netero’s secret son. Beyond’s existence was a secret known to very few within the Hunter Association, so much so that even the Zodiacs were unaware of it. Beyond was hired by the V5 about fifty years ago as a go-to person for all questions regarding their secret expeditions to the Dark Continent. Ignoring his father’s warning, he led a group of hunters and a team from the kingdom of Kukan’yu on an expedition to find the alchemical plant Medallion via an uncharted route. Beyond and his team managed to retrieve the plant, but on the way back they became disoriented and the zombie disease decimated the group, leaving only six survivors, including a hunter, rendered immortal by the disease. The expedition ultimately failed due to the death of the plant.

Netero's Secret Son
Beyond Netero

Beyond began preparing for a future expedition by searching for talented individuals, the means, and the international approval of Isaac Netero, who forbade him from returning to the Dark Continent until his death, prompting Beyond to begin searching for individuals. talent, the means and international approval for a future expedition.

He eventually began conspiring with Pariston Hill, who infiltrated the Hunter Association and began assembling a secret team of specialists who became temporary Hunters due to the trip. Beyond also allied with Nasubi Hui Guo Rou, promising to elevate him to Legendary Ruler in exchange for his support. He had the king declare an open expedition to put pressure on the V5.

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Dark Continent Expedition Arc

When Nasubi Hui Guo Rou, King of the Kakin Empire, introduces Beyond as the leader of their planned expedition to the Dark Continent, the Zodiacs become aware of his existence. Beyond mentions the Dark Continent as the origin of humans in his speech, and he promises to take anyone willing to explore it with him. The video has over a hundred million views on EyeTube an hour after it was released, and according to reports, Kakin’s hundred thousand phone lines are struggling to keep up with the influx of apps.

Beyond expresses his happiness by drinking. Curly informs him that Nasubi received a cease and desist letter from the V5, but Beyond instructs him to inform the King to ignore it. He asks the scholar what is needed to travel to the Dark Continent with the approval of the Five Modern Nations, but is irritated by the long explanation and cuts him off abruptly. He enthusiastically declares his desire to explore the unknown and swears to respect the wishes of those who wish to join or leave but to crush anyone who interferes.

As he predicted, V5 responds to the news of his capture by accepting a voyage where the Hunter Association is Beyond’s supervisor, who will seek to escape and rejoin his expedition team. He then calls Beans and hands himself over to the Zodiacs, who as he predicted have been tasked by the V5 to track him down, declaring himself open to a deal. He explains that their open policy is due to public pressure and he challenges the Zodiacs to move to the Dark Continent.

Netero's Secret Son - Beyond Netero
Beyond Netero

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Arc Competition Succession

When Saiyu reveals himself to be a Pariston spy, Mizaistom informs Beyond that the departure date has been set and that he will allow Beyond to participate in the ceremony the day before departure if he tells him the identity of the mole in the Zodiacs.

Beyond responds while eating that he knows nothing about a spy and has no interest in the ceremonies but that Nasubi will lobby the other V6 countries to allow him to attend. He concludes by saying that he is only interested in what lies beyond the New Continent and that he will not attempt anything until they arrive.

Kurapika, unbeknownst to him, was watching the video feed and concluded that Beyond knew nothing about a mole. Beyond is allowed to attend the ceremony the day before the expedition leaves on August 7, where he waves to the crowd alongside the princes of Kakin. Later, he is taken to Level 1 of the Right Whale, where he reads quietly. Saiyu, Saccho and Kanzai are his bodyguards.

Netero's Secret Son

Abilities and Powers

Beyond’s accomplishments demonstrate an enormous amount of power and intelligence. He managed to manipulate the world’s superpowers into approving his project through meticulous planning. Beyond is bound to have extreme survival skills and strength as one of the few survivors from the Dark Continent to have returned unscathed in both mind and body. His position as the ruler of the Dark Continent implies that he was the preeminent expert in this field fifty years ago.

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