Who is Sandra Lee’s New Boyfriend in 2022? She Went Official With Her Boyfriend!


Sandra Lee found herself falling in love again after her split from her ex-beau, Andrew Cuomo. So who is Sandra Lee’s new boyfriend? The American chef was also reportedly engaged to her boyfriend when their relationship became public knowledge. Her relationship came to light when her ex-partner was embroiled in sexual harassment allegations. Nevertheless, the author and chef took two years to welcome someone else into his life. Lee met her boyfriend during the Cornovirus era, which was difficult for both of them. However, he quickly became her confidant and friend as sparks flew between them as soon as they met.

Now, it looks like Lee is moving on with her life by going social media official with her boyfriend. People have seen them hang out together in public several times, but this was the first time she shared a sweet post for her boyfriend on Instagram. Another thing, Lee said in her post, is that she will be sharing more about her love journey on her first birthday. Her post also reveals how much she looks forward to her future life with her boyfriend. Previously, she was with Andrew Cuomo for nearly fourteen years.

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Who is Sandra Lee’s new boyfriend in 2022?

Sandra Lee’s new boyfriend is Ben Youcef who is an actor and producer. The American chef found love again after the long-term relationship with Andrew Cuomo ended in 2019. The couple’s new relationship came into the picture after they were both spotted together. Moreover, they also sparked engagement rumors around that time, as she wore a large diamond ring in her hand. However, that was not the case. The couple were also taking time with their relationship and getting to know each other. Recently, the couple celebrated their New Year’s Eve and Valentine’s Day together.

Is Sandra Lee dating Ben Youcef
Sandra Lee and Ben Youcef

Sandra Lee met her new boyfriend, Ben Youcef, in March 2021. The couple met at a restaurant in Santa Monica and became friends. There was an undeniable bond between them as soon as they met. One of Lee’s friends mentioned that she appreciated the differences between Ben and his ex-partner, Andrew. Her friend also said that it took her two years to date again because she wanted to heal and be sure she was happy with herself.

The American chef went Instagram official with her boyfriend

American chef Sandra Lee went official on Instagram with her boyfriend recently on Valentine’s Day. She shared a sweet photo with her boyfriend, Ben, and mentioned that she was not finding love in her life after her split from Andrew Cuomo. The chef wrote in the caption about Benm’s love and happiness happening in his life. Lee also said she was certain that nothing would ever happen in her life again. She swore she would never open up again, never fall again, never love or trust again.

Who is Sandra Lee dating in 2022?
Sandra Lee and Ben Youcef

Sandra will share her love story on her first birthday

Sandra said in her recent Instagram post that she’s not ready to share her love story just yet. But, the chef gave a hint when she will share more about her love life. Lee said she would share more of her story about how she met on their first anniversary. She also wanted everyone to welcome hope back into their lives, regardless of age, where someone is or what has happened in their life. So, it looks like Lee is very happy with her life now and is gradually moving forward with her life.

Sandra Lee and her new boyfriend, Ben Youcef, welcomed the New Year 2022 together at Nobu Malibu in California until the midnight countdown. A relative mentioned that the couple are looking forward to the New Year. The couple are also happier than ever around good food and people. It was also revealed in November last year that the pair were inseparable and were like first love for the couple. Lee also took the initiative after dating for a few months regarding sharing her boyfriend on Instagram.

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