Who is Nina Myskow’s Partner? All That We Know About Him


One of the biggest and most talked about names in journalism is Nina Myskow. Born in the United Kingdom and studying in South Africa, Nina Myskow and her companion remain quite discreet. Especially his partner. He seems to hate any kind of spotlight. Nina Myskow is also keeping him away from any kind of media discussions. So, who is Nina Myskow’s partner? What do we know of the man?

Nina Myskow, 67, is currently a columnist for The sun worked for several media (newspapers, magazines). Given the name ‘Bitch on the box’, Myskow was blunt and cutting with his comments. On the other side, there has been little to no controversy or spicy headlines about his personal life. Especially about his partner. Therefore, the curiosity is obvious. So, who is Nina Myskow’s partner? Is she married? Is she going out? Who is the man of whom we know very little?

Who is Nina Myskow’s partner? What do we know about him

Thus, the question of who Nina Myskow’s partner is is easy to answer. His name is Grant McCahon. It is not known when did they get married or how did they meet, or such matters. Such was the relational profile of these two people.

Partner of Nina Myskow
Nina Myskow and Grant McCahon Appeared for ‘Wicked’ 10th Anniversary

Mr. McCahon is a media adviser in the UK itself. Grant McCahon is quite discreet. As long as he is on Instagram or on such a platform. Doesn’t interact with the media at all (unlike his wife.). He’s been pretty vocal in his area of ​​expertise, at least. He works in the background in the media agency. Last seen with his wife at the musical premiere of “Wicked,” appearances other than this seem non-existent. He was last mentioned in a Twitter post on his wife’s account. He entered #Marchforchange.

Partner of Nina Myskow – Mr. Grant McCahon

Mr. McCahon is quite introverted in the way of his life interests. It has no online presence, no related information available apart from static facts. Mr. McCahon seems to be a fairly quiet and settled person in his life. He still works as a media advisor. Nina Myskow and Grant McCahon have been together for some time, and we hope that in the years to come we’ll hear more about the lives of these two dynamic individuals.

Nina Myskow – Early life, training and early career

Nina Myskow is originally from Scotland. Born May 18, 1954, Nina Myskow studied in South Africa. She attended school in Pietermaritzburg in South Africa, then moved to Scotland to complete her secondary education. She continued her undergraduate studies in Scotland itself, but she dropped out. As Nina Myskow has spent a lot of time in South Africa, she is also fluent in Afrikaans.

The British journalist began her career in journalism with the magazine Jackie. Later, Nina Myskow achieved a historic feat by becoming the magazine’s first female editor.

Currently working for ITV, Nina Myskow has been on panels and various shows. Also columnist for The sun, Nina Myskow appeared in the Big Brother spin-off show in 2012. In addition, she has also been part of countdown series shows; especially grumpy old women. She also made an appearance in the celebrity edition of useless.

Partner of Nina Myskow
Nina Myskow

Nina Myskow in the entertainment industry

Pass under the tagline The female dog on the box in the column of world news, Nina Myskow is clearly keeping the gimmick alive. Whether it’s calling millennials snowflakes or calling lazy women to wear makeup on trains. By the way, these cases are not the only ones where she has received attention and criticism.

In 1985, she lost a libel suit against actress Charlotte Cornwell. For those who don’t know, a defamation action is nothing more than a technical term for an accusation in printed form (statements, etc.). Nina Myskow called Charlotte Cornwell someone who is unattractive, middle-aged, and has a “fat ass” (remember the tagline?). The article was published in The People. She was ordered by the court to pay €10,000 for intellectual and emotional damages.

Since joining the entertainment industry in the 1970s, Nina Myskow has always confessed her love for entertainment journalism. From becoming the first female editor of iconic magazine Jackie to being considered the Queen of Pop for interviewing Freddie Mercury to becoming the female dog in the box, Nina Myskow and her love of conversation lives on forever. She still appears on debates and talk shows. With a private life that has been private in the true sense of the word, we can only expect, over time, to better understand the world of such dynamic individuals – Nina Myskow and her partner Grant McCahon. His autobiography is named – Love, sex and the pursuit of chocolate.

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