Who is Nicholas Scurria’s Girlfriend? The Pennsylvania Man Got Charged For Murder


Nicholas Scurria and his girlfriend are in the spotlight after the brutal murder case that unfolded in Pennsylvania. So who is Nicholas Scurria’s girlfriend? Scurria was recently apprehended for the heinous and brutal crime he committed against his girlfriend. The crime even shocked the police officers and mentioned not having seen such a thing in their long years of service. Clifton Heights Police Department Chief Tim Rockenbach said the situation was absolutely horrendous in his 32 years of service. He doesn’t even have words to describe the case and how incredibly crazy it is, that too in his own town.

Meanwhile, Nicholas did not reveal the reason he committed the crime. He only gave outlandish and blatant excuses for the murder that don’t fit the situation. But, Scurria screamed that his girlfriend was trying to cut off a body part. But police determined he did it because he felt a threat to his masculinity. Meanwhile, police have yet to release any further details regarding his murdered girlfriend. The case is still awaiting the preliminary hearing while Nicholas is imprisoned and deprived of all bond.

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Who is Nicholas Scurria’s girlfriend?

Nicholas Scurria’s girlfriend is still a secret and unknown. Also, she is no more and was murdered by Nicholas. It is because of the murder that took place in Pennsylvania that Nicholas Scurria and his girlfriend are in the limelight. He also murdered his girlfriend and the police caught him in the act as he beheaded the body. However, the police had not released the identity of the murdered woman or anything else regarding the case. In the meantime, the police contacted his girlfriend’s relatives and informed them of the murder. The case is still ongoing, and in due course, possibly in the future, more details about the woman may come to light.

Nicholas Scurria's girlfriend
Who is Nicholas Scurria’s girlfriend?

Nicholas Scurria murdered his girlfriend?

The real reason Nicholas Scurria murdered his girlfriend is still unknown. However, the affair is more like a fight that took place between them, and he killed her in the heat of the moment. Scurria screamed as the police led him away that his girlfriend was trying to chop off his balls. The couple lived as a couple and shared an apartment. But, it looks like the couple broke up for what the fight was about. Nicholas also mentioned while in custody that they both had a falling out after ending their relationship.

Police also attended the scene of the murder after responding to a domestic violence call. Delaware County District Attorney Jack Stillsteimer mentioned that Scurria perceived his girlfriend as a threat to his masculinity. Jack continued and said he brutally killed and dismembered her after he perceived the threat as known from her statements. Meanwhile, police also don’t know whether or not the pair were still in a relationship when Scurria committed the crime.

How did the police learn that Nicholas had murdered his girlfriend?

Cliffton Heights Police Department officers responded to a domestic violence call last Friday at 4:51 a.m. at the Willow Apartments in South Springfield Road. A neighbor made the call after hearing screams coming from the next door, sawing noises and plastic rustling. The police arrived at the scene and knocked on the door of the apartment. But, they received no response. After that, the police looked out the window and found that a man was cutting a woman’s body. Then they kicked the door open to intervene in the possible situation. They caught Scurria in the act, but his girlfriend was pronounced dead on the spot.

Nicholas brutally murdered his girlfriend
murder case

Where is Nicholas Scurria now?

Nicholas Scurria remains in custody after murdering his girlfriend. He is in the W. Hill Correctional Facility in Delaware County and is still awaiting trial. In addition, no bond was granted to him during the preliminary arrangement last Friday. Court records indicate that Scurria is charged with first and third degree murder, intentional possession of a criminal instrument and abuse of a corpse. The case is still in its initial stages, and a preliminary hearing date is set for February 22, 2022, in the morning.

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