Who is Matt Dawson’s Girlfriend? Truth Behind His Divorce


Matt Dawson: A retired rugby player best known for his sniping runs and kicking goals, we’re talking about the town. His fanbase is on another level right now. Now you must be wondering what could be the reason for this sudden surge in fans. Is it related to Matt’s personal life? Or is it his job? Well, to find out, you have to keep reading it. As we have answered all the questions you have wanted to know for so long. Plus, we’ll cover all about Matt Dawson’s girlfriend, his career, and the most frequently asked question of why Matt split up with his wife after 11 years of marriage and finally has a kid until now. If you are ready, then come discover the whole personal and professional life of Matt Dawson.

Start with the personal life of Matt Dawson aka Matthew James Sutherland Dawson, Matt was born on October 31, 1972 in Birkenhead and grew up in Buckinghamshire. He completed his higher education at the Royal Grammar School, High Wycombe. During his studies, he played cricket and football. And he was so good at playing cricket and football. After finishing school he started to take more interest in rugby and now you all know what a wonderful rugby player he is. When talking about his current professional situation, well Matt is now a retired rugby player.

Prior to his retirement, he played scrum-half for Northampton Saints and London Wasps. Back then, he also featured in the 2003 Rugby World Cup in England. Moreover, he earned a total of 77 caps for his country and the best part is that he was also declared England’s most capped scrum-half until he moved past Danny Care.

Current occupation of Matt Dawson

Well, let me tell you, after retiring, Matt has now become team captain on A Question of Sport. He now appears in many reality shows. He is also a commentator and presenter on BBC Radio 5 Live’s rugby show. Apart from that, Dawson also works as a Health Ambassador for Sodexo.

Matt Dawson
Retired rugby player: Matt Dawson

Now, speaking of his interests, Matt has always been a person who believes in charity. So in 2015 he organized a bike ride from the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff to Twickenham in London. Moreover, he has also supported the United Children’s Fund since 2004 and became a UNICEF UK Ambassador in 2009. Here are some of the charities he has done. And now, the time has finally come to reveal Matt Dawson’s girlfriend. Most asked about Matt Dawson’s love life after splitting with his wife. Let’s find out who Matt Dawson is dating right now.

Who is Matt Dawson dating?

After breaking up with his wife Carolin Hauskeller, everyone is curious whether Matt Dawson is dating someone or not. As we all know, Matt is quite a popular celebrity. When it comes to his personal life, nothing has been overlooked by the media. And so far, we see that Matt recently posted a photo with a Lyzzie trainer. Everyone becomes curious about the woman in the photo. Well, personally, Matt hasn’t confirmed whether he’s dating anyone or not.

But chances are Lyzzie is Matt Dawson’s girlfriend. Besides, if we see the photo of them together, it looks like they are madly in love with each other. And they seem so happy with each other. But if we talk about Lyzzie’s social media handle, she hasn’t posted any photos with Matt Dawson together. So we can’t confirm now that it’s official between them. For other updates, you can also check out their Instagram handles below:

Matt Dawson: @matt9dawson

Lyzzie: @lyzziept

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All about Matt Dawson’s split from his wife

In 2020, some disheartening news about Matt Dawson’s personal life came out. And this news is about Matt Dawson’s married life. On September 21, 2020, Matt announced that he would be divorcing after 11 years of marriage. After having two children together, the couple decided to separate. It is also discovered that the couple had family issues for so long. In 2016, Dawson mentioned that her whole family went through “two weeks of hell” as her two-year-old son was fighting for his life at the time.

Matt Dawson and Carolin Hauskeller
Matt Dawson and his ex-wife Carolin Hauskeller

In an interview, Matt also made a statement mentioning the reason for their divorce. And the statement is as follows: he mentioned that Matt himself and Carolin, his ex-wife, wanted to move in separate directions because they wanted a new direction for their lives. He also asked to accompany them individually in their separation decision.

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