Who is Manon Kamminga’s Partner? All About Her Personal Life


Manon Kamminga did it well and continues to do so to this day. But who is Manon Kamminga’s partner? Love is love. It doesn’t matter what or who you are, if you love someone, then that’s Love. A good example, who are renowned for their skills and speed turn out to support the cause. But why? Because they belong together in the LGBTQ+ community and are proud of who they are. They put ‘love’ in the quote ‘Love is love’. From headlines to our hearts, the couple is everywhere. It’s certainly not easy for someone to come out of the closet and accept themselves as they are.

When we talked about “they” above, who else did we mention? After all, “they” have been making headlines, “they” have been all over the internet promoting something powerful with real intentions. Who is this other person? Is Manon Kamminga dating anyone? If so, then who is he/she? What do you know about her/him? What does he/she do? Does he/she belong to the same career as Manon Kamminga? Where does this person live? How did the two meet if they are dating? So many questions! And fans are eager to know them all and probably more!

Who is Manon Kamminga’s partner?

One of America’s most talented and incredibly wonderful athletes, Brittany Bowe has been training for a long time and has always impressed us with her skills. Participating in many competitions and sporting events, Brittany shows her talents, especially in inline speed skating. She is undoubtedly world famous and is not yet married. But, Brittany Bowe is in a serious relationship with Manon Kamminga.

People claim that long distance relationships never work. But if we take a look at Manon Kamminga and Brittany Bowe, they’ve been in a serious long-distance relationship for years now. Manon Kamminga and Brittany Bowe’s Instagram speaks volumes about the couple’s feelings for each other. Regular posts, comments, shares are some signs that they are open about their relationship and their love for each other.

Manon Kamminga partner
Manon Kamminga

Manon Kamminga and Brittany Bowe together!

Kamminga and Bowe, they both love speed, and probably their common interests and career goals brought them together. Probably the love of speed made them know each other well. Being in a long distance is difficult for people. Brittany Bowe accepts the same. She accepts that it’s hard to stay in different cities when you love someone with every inch of their being. But it is certain and clear that the couple are doing their best to make everything work.

Being open about relationships takes a lot of effort. Brittany Bowe has always been the same. Courageous, daring and open about her relationship and her love with Manon Kamminga. Although she never identified her as lesbian, bisexual and even queer. And when it comes to Manon Kamminga, she is Dutch and is an inclined skater as well as a long track speed skater. She plays for the Netherlands.

Titles and words and their love for the sport!

The couple falling completely in love every day makes headlines almost regularly. Spending time together, not just professionally but also off the ice, is important to them. Brittany Bowe and Manon Kamminga were seen on beaches enjoying a good sunny day, swimming. They have also been seen in several pubs and clubs dancing to their beats and to each other.

Manon Kamminga partner
Brittany Bowe

Being one of America’s most important and amazing athletes, Brittany Bowe admits that sports have been a big part of her life since she was a child. And not only that, but she was and is so passionate about her career and her sports. More than anything or anyone. It’s like it’s in his blood; that she was supposed to. And before speed skating, she was world champion in inclined skating.

Brittany Bowe and Manon Kamminga: A Brief Description

Manon Marriet Kamminga was born on April 7, 1992 in Haulerwijk. Kamminga is a Dutch inclined skater and speed skater who has won many, many championships. Manon is also the 2014 world champion. In 2010, the 28-year-old won two bronze medals, and since then nothing could stop her from achieving victory. From 2010 to present, Manon Kamminga has won several championship events and her house is filled with her medals of achievements and winnings.

Brittany Starr Bowe was born on February 24, 1988 in Ocala, Florida. Brittany Bowe is an American speed skater. Before entering the world of speed skating, she was world champion in inclined skating. And Bowe also played basketball! She holds a majority of gold medals. Currently, she has eight gold medals, one silver medal and two bronze medals. And these medals only come from the world championship in inclination skating. The list of his medals goes a long way! This is Brittany Bowe’s Instagram account: @brittanybowe.

Manon Kamminga partner
Manon Kamminga wins the world championship

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