Who is Lil Romeo’s Girlfriend? Dating Life Of The American Rapper


Little Romeo. A name attached to the Guinness Book of World Records. Why? Well, in 2001, Li’l Romeo released his first single. The single was “My baby”, and it sold like nothing else and like no one ever did. “My Baby” wasn’t just a hit, but it was an instant hit. “My Baby” hit the top of the charts in no time and was trending in everyone’s minds and ears! Every next person was all about ‘My baby’ this ‘My baby’ this. The demand was unrealistic and the queues were dramatically long! The single entered the Guinness Book of World Records as it became the best-selling single in just two weeks!

My baby was not only a smash hit, but also went platinum within two weeks. It is obvious that a song will probably explode all the charts and rise to the top of the song with the voice of P’tit Roméo. When fans are crazy about an artist, they also want to know about the artist’s personal life. It is the same with P’tit Roméo and his fans. Many times, fans have tried to directly or indirectly find out all about Romeo’s personal and romantic life. Does Little Romeo have a girlfriend? Is P’tit Roméo in love or is he addicted to someone?

Girlfriend Romeo
Little Romeo at a musical event

Is P’tit Romeo going out with anyone?

Surprising fans and audiences has been a style of Li’l Romeo. Whether it’s through his songs or something on Instagram. Everything about Li’l Romeo has been a rollercoaster for his fans. There were reports that spoke of rumors that Lil’ Romeo was dating someone. And on November 27, 2021, Li’l Romeo announced how he was in love with his new girlfriend, Drew Sangster. It was a shock for his fans and his audience!

It was surely not only a shock for his fans, but also for himself, admits P’tit Roméo. It was Thanksgiving, and Little Romeo thanked God for accepting Drew Sangster’s invitation. Let’s move on to other rumors that P’tit Romeo would be a dad! Are they real!? Well yes! Of course they are true! Little Romeo is a dad now! He shared a photo of his baby girl that he and Drew Sangster recently had. Romeo Miller says it was his best Valentine’s Day gift!

Girlfriend Romeo
Li’l Romeo and his girlfriend Drew Sangster welcome their first child

P’tit Romeo and P’tit Romeo’s little baby!

Probably, Live Romeo is the HAPPIEST person on the planet right now! Romeo posted a photo of his newborn daughter and a photo of himself when he was a newborn. He captions it as “My little twin!”. He then added what his grandmother used to tell him. It was about the fact that everything is in God’s hands and nothing is in our hands. Thanking God, he said he’s been waiting his whole life for this moment and loves Drew Sangster. P’tit Roméo is proud to be the father of a daughter, and it shows in his latest Instagram post!

Roméo is part of the cast of the reality TV show “Grandir hip hop”. He never failed to be an apple of the eye and shone in the public eye. His father is also a rapper! Mughal Master P! Ever since P’tit Roméo first introduced his girlfriend, things have been better for and with him, says Roméo.

Girlfriend Romeo
Little Romeo in his early years and now

Romeo Miller: A Brief Description

Percy Romeo Miller was born on August 19, 1989. Li’l Romeo is his stage name. Romeo is an American celebrity famous for his rapping and acting. He gained instant fame in the 2000s when his debut single crossed all the charts and became the best-selling single of all time. The single ‘my Baby’ was loved by people so much that it entered the Guinness Book of World Records. The single is still certified 2x platinum!

Romeo Miller was born in New Orleans, Louisiana. He also grew up in Orléans and is the son of former rapper Sonya C and rapper and entrepreneur Master P. Li’l Romeo’s entire family is in the industry. His uncle is, and his aunt are rappers also known as C-Murder and Silkk the Shocker. Miller’s brother is actor and singer Cymphonique Miller, and his cousin brother who is also a producer, singer and rapper, known as Mo B. Dick. With each Li’l Romeo album announced and released, he just made more and more room in the hearts of his fans!

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