Who is Kady Mcdermott Dating in 2022? Career & Past Relationships


In case you don’t know her, Kady Mcdermott is one of the contestants for season 2 of Love Island, which aired in 2016. Didn’t you know, she’s a professional makeup artist, specializing in eyebrows, from Stevenage . , Hertfordshire, UK. Gaining recognition and notoriety from this particular British dating show, Kady Mcdermott launched her business in various fields. Together with her trainer, she runs an online fitness program called Bikini Plan. It’s working very well for now. Besides, there are also other companies, which we will discuss soon.

Now, discussing things about her love life, currently, Kady Mcdermott is all for it. She doesn’t seem to be seen out with anyone yet. This made her fans more curious who Kady Mcdermott is dating in 2022? Plus, we’ll be covering Kady’s past romantic engagements, as her love life has always been a bit colorful to this day. Starting with being paired with Scott Thomas on the football field show, it’s all covered in this article. You can read it to learn more about Love Island star Kady Mcdermott.

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Who is Kady Mcdermott dating in 2022? Relationship status and dating history

Regarding his relationship status, Kady Mcdermott appears to be single and not dating as of February 2022. Currently, she is focusing on her career. Although her love life has been colorful, she does not have a good experience. Thus, it seems that Kady Mcdermott has ceased to be involved in a romantic relationship. Currently, she is busy with her work schedule, and everything is fine!

Past relationships

However, Kady Mcdermott has had a romantic relationship with many men. From the beginning, before joining the Love Island show, she had been dating for a few months. Sam Reece, A model. But it ended on bad terms and didn’t work out for long. He publicly called her immature on Twitter while reacting to her meltdown when Scott got close to Tina on the show.

Who is Kady Mcdermott Dating
Kady Mcdermott’s former love, Sam Reece

After the show, Kady Mcdermott went on a romantic vacation to the Maldives with her crush on Love Island, Scott Thomas. She did not limit herself to this but also moved in with him. Plus, the duo adopted a cute pup and named him Cody. Despite having so much romance, their relationship did not last long and caused their separation in August 2017. Since then, they have not followed each other on their social media accounts. Asked about the main reason for their separation, Kady Mcdermott claimed that Scott partied a lot and that she did not like it very much.

Who is Kady Mcdermott Dating
Kady McDermott and Scott Thomas (ex-boyfriend)

After their split, Kady Mcdermott started dating Myles Barnet. If you don’t know him, Myles is the star of TOWIE. But, their love life didn’t work out well, and so they broke up.

Who is Kady Mcdermott Dating
Kady Mcdermott with her ex-boyfriend, Myles Barnett

Then, in the summer, she went out with Matty Cash, Aston Villa footballer. They also bought a property together in Hertfordshire and started renovating it. But, the duo ended their relationship as they claimed they weren’t meant for each other. Even now they are good friends and are in touch. Both have evolved in their respective lives.

Who is Kady Mcdermott Dating
Kady Mcdermott and Matty Cash spotted at Wimbledon

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Kady Mcdermott career details and other facts

Born on September 4, 1995, Kady Mcdermott turns 26 in February 2022. As her birthday falls on the first week of September, her zodiac sign is Virgo. She is often known as Ronni. Now, pursuing her career, she is professionally a British makeup artist and businesswoman. Along with her fitness regimen, Kady Mcdermott also launched her all-encompassing vegan cosmetics brand called By Kady.

Also, she set up an interior design project and named it Our Bungalow Project. Didn’t you know this Love Island star also worked with an animal sanctuary, based in Tangier, Morocco. Rising to prominence with her time on Love Island, she has garnered over 1.3 million Instagram followers which is huge. Lady Mcdermott is very active on social media, and for updates on what’s going on in her life, you can follow her.

Everything’s fair when you’re a consenting adult, and Kady Mcdermott is one. Knowing his dedication to work, we wish him good luck for it! Hoping that Kady finds her soul mate very soon!

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