Who Is Jeremy Paxman’s Partner? Who Is He Dating In 2022?


Super TV host and British surname Jeremy Paxman got divorced a few years ago. After spending 35 years in marriage, he separated in 2016. We guessed he would be dating soon. So the question of the day is Who is Jeremy Paxman’s partner? Is there anyone he is currently dating? If so, who is he dating? If not, are there rumors around you? We will answer everything. Paxman is a multi-talented man, he has been on several TV news channels and has hosted shows. Jeremy Paxman recently made headlines when it was revealed that he has Parkinson’s disease.

Born in Leeds, Jeremy Paxman is an English broadcaster, presenter, journalist and author. He has been on Britain’s most famous shows, University Challenge and Newsnight. Currently working for the BBC, Paxman hosts, presents and reports for news broadcasts. He also hosts local reporting programs for the BBC. Officially, he ended his career after 25 years. But he still works locally. Recently diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, Jeremy Paxman has pledged to donate his brain to the BBC’s Parkinson’s initiative. When he died, his donated brain would be studied further to learn more about the disease.

Who is Jeremy Paxman’s partner?

For now, we can confirm that Jeremy Paxman is currently seeing someone. He is currently coming out Jillian Taylor. They started dating in 2017. The two currently live together in Jeremy Paxman’s £1.5million home in London. The couple have a gap of nearly 30 years, with Jillian being the youngest.

Partner of Jeremy Paxman
Jeremy Paxman with ex-wife Elizabeth Clough (left) and current girlfriend Jillian Taylor (right)

Jillian Taylor is a British book publisher. It was his profession that made him pass for Jeremy Paxman. She has worked with Paxman on his various books. Notably, it was Paxman who kind of recognized Jillian Taylor when he said he applauded Jillian’s research talent. They confirmed their relationship a while ago and they are seen together in the public eye on several occasions. Hence the answer to the main question of the day, ie who is Jeremy Paxman’s partner? The answer is one British book publisher and former colleague of Mr Paxman, Jillian Taylor.

Jeremy Paxman – early life, interests, the beginning of his career

Jeremy Paxman was born on May 11and, 1950, in the state of Leeds, England. Jeremy Paxman started working in the genre he eventually started working in when he started as an editor at the undergraduate college journal, University. He studied at Malvern College so what Saint Catherine (Cambridge). He also joined the Labor Party Club in Cambridge. Thus, it is understood that Jeremy Paxman has been quite active from the beginning himself. In fact, despite the diagnosis of Parkinson’s, he did not abandon the profession immediately. He simply said that he would continue to work as long as the network wanted, and people would read what he wrote.

The longest-serving quizmaster in British television history, Jeremy Paxman worked on TEvening Panorama (BBC at six o’clock). He presented and reported on the program entitled breakfast time. There is hardly any news niche that Jeremy Paxman hasn’t reported on. Host of longtime shows in Newsnight and College Challenge, Paxman has also garnered nominations for his work in the news and entertainment industry; and won. Including BAFTA’s Richard Dimbleby Award for Outstanding Presenter in the Factual Field and Royal Television Society Interviewer of the Year award. The latter was received by him for his certain interview as part of record and one of the oldest broadcasts on British television, Newsnight.

Partner of Jeremy Paxman
Jeremy Paxman fell face down due to Parkinson’s disease

Jeremy Paxman – Accomplishments, Reviews and Honors

There are also some notable happenings and happenings in his life that are worth mentioning. He has decided to separate from his wife of 35 years, Elizabeth Ann Clough. The exact reason for the split is still unknown. Maybe it was mutual. Maybe they had no more love and didn’t want to stay together anymore. All the possibilities are in the air; since Jeremy Paxman likes to keep his personal life quite private. He, as Paxman stated, hates the spotlight. His relationship with his father is also strained as Paxman, quoted by himself ‘hate the guy. He can’t take it because he stepped on his mother when he was 24. Paxman has 4 siblings and is a father of 3 children.

He also had a run-in with the Scottish Parliament over one of his remarks about the dominant Scottish population in Westminster. He called it Scottish Raj in the UK, on ​​the lineage of the British Raj in India. The remark was not well received at all and the Scottish Parliament passed a motion in the House of Commons condemning him for his remarks. He was called irresponsible, insulting, divisive and a snob for his remarks.

Holder of a honorary doctorate from the University of Leeds And one honorary degree from bradford, the longest-serving quiz master in British television history is undoubtedly an icon of television in the country. Gifted with a dynamic range of expertise, he is a man always discussed, for various reasons.

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