Who Is Jenny Slate Dating? All About I Want You Back Star’s Personal Life!


Want to know which popular actress and comedian Jenny Slate is in a relationship with? Popular actress Jenny Slate has been in the industry for quite some time now. The actress launched her career after being a cast member of Saturday Night Live. Her unique voice landed her the role of Tammy Larsen on Bob’s Burgers. Jenny Slate then starred in the hit NBC comedy series Parks and Recreation as Mona-Lisa Saperstein. His impeccable comedic timing was applauded by fans and critics alike. She also starred in the sketch comedy series, Kroll Show.

The actress went on to lend her voice in notable animated films, including Zootopia, The Secret Life of Pets, and The Lego Batman Movie. Jenny starred in the movie Gifted and quickly sparked romance rumors with co-star Chirs Evans. The actress recently starred in the new romantic comedy I Want You Back. Slate stars alongside Charlie Day, Gina Rodriguez and Scott Eastwood. Let’s take a look at all the details and lesser known facts about Jenny Slate Dating.

Who is Jenny Slate dating?

Jenny Slate is married to fiancé Ben Shattuck. The two got married in their living room on New Year’s Eve! The Gifted star revealed they did the love chamber affair after three failed attempts to get married due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The actress revealed how they initially planned an elaborate wedding that ended up being attended by almost 200 people. However, that plan changed slightly after they came to a small marriage arrangement with their parents, siblings, and a few friends.

Jenny Slate Dating
Jenny Slate and Ben Shattuck

The two initially sparked romance rumors when they were photographed together in January 2019 at the Sundance Film Festival. The actress was doing press for her film The sunny night. After dating for a while, Ben finally popped the question when they were on a romantic catwalk in France. Slate and Ben have been dating since 2019 and share a daughter named Ida Lupin. The Gifted actress admitted she thought being a mother would be like a replication of her own mother’s experience with motherhood.

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Jenny Slate and Chris Evans had a rather unique split!

Chris Evans has often been hailed as one of the coolest ex-boyfriends! The Captain America star has rarely had a bad breakup and doesn’t have bad beef with any of her exes. spend five minutes with her and you can’t think of anything bad to say about her if we try. Jenny Slate also has some good things to say about her former flame, as she described Evans as vulnerable and straightforward. Here’s a little preview of the video as Jenny Slate tickles our funny bones.

Jenny further revealed that the actor has primary colors as well as beautiful, big, and strong emotions, and he was sure of it. However, the actress explained that it can be confusing to date one of the most objectified people in the world. It seems that some relationships are short-lived but just as meaningful. The Captain America star is happy for Slate because she found happiness with Ben.

The actress opens up about the most recent Rom-Com I want you back

Jenny Slate is featured in the most recent Amazon Prime from-com, I Want You Back. The film revolves around two heartbroken people who together plan a vicious plot to win back their respective partners after they break up with them. What follows is an exciting series of events and a final achievement. The main star assured fans that this film is a sweet romantic comedy with a difference.

I want you to come back
Movie: I want you back

While talking about the role, the actress explained that she wanted to do the movie because she gets up, which means she can kind of play me if she can synthesize the chaos in her mind into some kind of outdoor transmission that makes sense as entertainment. The film is currently streaming on Amazon Prime. Don’t miss this multi-star film about love and lots of fun.

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