Who Is James Bouknight’s Girlfriend?


James Bouknight is a professional basketball player for the NBA’s Charlotte Hornets. So who is James Bouknight’s girlfriend? Is the professional basketball player currently in a relationship with someone? Well, the player rarely talks about his personal life or exposes it on social media. Moreover, he is at the peak of his career and was selected for the NBA Draft last year. Thus, it wouldn’t be much of a surprise if he wasn’t in a relationship and just focused on his career.

Bouknight’s recent appearance at the Huskies’ game at UConn earned him an ejection last Saturday. However, the player issued an official apology on social media after the expulsion. Previously, he was seen in early February involved in a verbal incident with his side’s coach after suffering a loss. UConn also had him suspended three games in 2019 while playing with them for college basketball after fleeing a car accident. There isn’t much information about the player or anything like that regarding his private life. Thus, the player is very fond of keeping his privacy away from the spotlight.

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Who is James Bouknight’s girlfriend?

James Bouknight doesn’t currently have a girlfriend, so he’s really single and not dating anyone. Also, there is no indication that he has dated anyone in the past or so far. Bouknight is only interested in his career, as his social media accounts show. Likewise, his accounts also contain nothing that shows the basketball player had a girlfriend. He also rarely shares anything about his private life. He is much younger and has a long way to go. This could be one of the reasons James is still single, or he has yet to meet a girl who captures his heart.

Is James Bouknight dating anyone?
James Bouknight

Charlotte Hornets player removed from court seat during UConn game

Charlotte Hornets player James Bouknight was recently taken off the court seat during the UConn game last Saturday. It appears he was fired for using his cell phone during games. Nonetheless, the former UConn star complied and vacated his pitchside seat. He also waved to the crowd as he stepped out of his seat with one of his friends. But, James didn’t quit the game completely and went to the student section. Dan Hurley, coach of the Huskies, said the script wasn’t good because they weren’t playing very well. He didn’t really see what happened in court, but James was kicked out of court.

James Bouknight apologized after ejection from UConn game

James Bouknight posted an official statement of apology on his Twitter account after UConn’s recent ejection from the game. He wrote that he would like to apologize to the Uconn Nation for the events that took place last Saturday at the Gampel Pavilion. The player also mentioned that he let his emotions get the better of him during a competitive and heated game and regretted his part in the incident with the officials. Thus, he wanted to express his remorse to the referee for putting him in an awkward position.

Bouknight expressed his love and encouragement for the UConn team

Bouknight not only officially apologized, but also expressed his love and encouragement for his former team, the Huskies. He wrote in his statement that he loved UConn, the program, the coaches and the university. James also said he has great respect for the tradition and history of his program and is truly grateful to be a part of it. Additionally, he would remain a committed and loyal sponsor of his program and intend to return for more matches in the future.

Who is James Bouknight dating?
James Bouknight

The former UConn star also wished Coach Hurley and his team the best of luck for the remaining season. James previously played college basketball for the UConn Huskies team before being selected for the Charlotte Hornets in the 2021 NBA Draft. He was a former four-star guard on the team who committed to them on his eighteenth birthday. So it’s no surprise that he went to watch their game last Saturday.

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