Who is Holly Sonders Dating? Relationship Status & Career


Who is Holly Sanders dating? What do we know about the professional sportscaster’s love life and career details? Well, from the ground up, she’s originally known as Holly Niederkohr. You didn’t know it, since her childhood, Holly wanted to be a golfer. At the age of 20, she underwent knee surgery which prevented her from continuing her golfing career. As a sports commentator, Holly Sonders has worked with several renowned channels, including WBNS TV. She gained massive notoriety by presenting shows like Playing Lesson With The Pros, School Of Golf and a few others.

Regarding her relationship status, Holly Sonders is romantically involved with a famous boxer. Many of you who have seen their pictures on social media must have assumed who he was. However, most of you don’t know how his love life is going. If you want to know everything about Who is Holly Sonders Dating, her career details then you can read this article till the last word.

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Who is Holly Sonders dating? Relationship status

Famous sportscaster Holly Sanders was first romantically involved with Erik Kuselias. He is the sports commentator for the CBS network. They married in 2012. After spending five years of marriage together, they separated with a divorce in 2017.

Since, Holly Sonders is dating boxing legend Oscar De La Hoya. He was previously married to Millie Corretjer, a Puerto Rican singer. With her, the boxer has three children. However, they divorced in 2016 after fifteen years together. Holly Sonders met him at a boxing event, where she took an interview from him.

Eventually, in a short time, they fell in love with each other. They were seen together in front of the Nobu restaurant, located in Miami. It was there when he confirmed he was an item with Holly Sonders. When asked about Holly, her boyfriend, Oscar De La Hoya never failed to rave about her. He added that he was proud of her and blessed to have her as a soul mate in his life. They are fourteen years apart in age but that has never created a problem between the two. There’s a saying that age is just a number when you’re in love! The couple often post photos on their respective social networks, showing how much they are in love with each other. Recently, the boxer offered his new flame, a Ferrari. Witnessing their romance, it seems that Holly Sonders and Oscar De La Hoya are becoming inseparable and blossoming in love!

Holly Sonders Dating
Holly Sonders with her boyfriend, Oscar De La Hoya

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Holly Sonders Career Details and Other Facts

Apart from knowing who the beautiful famous sportscaster is dating and her love life, all her fans are interested to know more about notable portions of Holly Sonders and details like age, family, etc.

How old is he? Size weight

American sportscaster Holly Sonders was born on March 3, 1987, making her 34 years old. She was born in Marysville, Ohio, USA. Regarding its size and weight, it is 5’8″ feet tall and weighs 54kg.

Holly Sonders Dating
Holly Sonders

Family and education details

Holly Sonders was born to Sandy Niederkohr (father) and Dan Niederkohr (mother). For her education, she attended Marysville High School. Subsequently, he attended Marysville Excessive College. In addition, to further her education, she joined Michigan State University.


Holly Sonders wanted to pursue her golf career but was unable to because of her surgery. After graduating, she started working for WBNS 10 TV in Columbus, Big Ten Networld. She was also a field reporter for KATV. With huge success, she joined NBC’s Golf Channel. Her show, Morning Drive and School of Golf made her more popular over time. During the US Open in 2016, she worked with Fox Sports’ Studio.

Knowing her popularity, we believe that Holly Sonders will soon achieve all of her goals. Here’s hoping her relationship with Oscar De La Hoya lasts forever.

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