Who Is Gorden Tallis’s Partner? All About His Love Life & Career


Before delving deeper into the love life and partner of Gorden Tallis, let us first know about Gorden’s personal life and accomplishments. Gorden James Tallis was born in 1973. He grew up in Queensland. His father, Wally, is a former rugby player and played several rugby games in the 60s. Gorden got his start as a rugby player for the Centrals Tigers club. Later, he moved to Sydney in 1992 and started playing for the St. George Dragons rugby team. However, later Tallis left George Dragons and joined Brisbane Broncos. Throughout his long career, Gorden has achieved much success. As a Broncos player, he won three Grand Finals as captain.

Gorden rose to prominence after representing Australia in a World Cup win and was named the game’s best second-row striker. Due to his incredible performances throughout his career, Gorden was given the name Raging Bull. After serving nine years as a rugby player in 2001, Gorden suffered a neck injury which later turned into a major spinal problem which forced him to give up his rugby career and take his retirement. However, his retirement resulted in a major loss for the Broncos and Queensland teams. After his retirement, Gorden stayed out of the spotlight for a long time. However, after a long rest and staying away from the spotlight, Gorden once again entered the world of sports as a broadcaster and sports analyst.

Partner of Gorden Tallis
Gordon Tallis

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Who is Gorden Tallis’ partner?

The lives of celebrities are mostly shrouded in dazzle. The eyes of the media remain fixed on them like vultures. However, despite this, celebrities want to keep their personal life, especially their love life, a secret. Speaking of Gorden Tallis’ partner, he had married Christine in 1997. He also has two children with Christine. The two remained happily together for 18 years. However, later on their relationship did not work out and the two separated in 2015.

Later, Gorden came into contact with Elder Jemma. Jemma worked as a non-executive director, advisor and marketing specialist at Gold Coast Titans, a famous Australian rules football club, where Jemma had the good fortune to work with Rebecca Frizzelle, a prominent businesswoman. She continued her studies at the University of Queensland. After breaking off his relationship with Christine, Gorden met Jemma. Upon first meeting, Jemma’s bubbly nature, beautiful eyes, and blonde hair melt Gorden’s heart, and the two begin to meet often. Jemma was also drawn to Gorden’s stunning personality. Later, the two started dating. Gorden also has a baby Jemma, born three years ago. Jemma keeps posting pictures of her baby on her Instagram account. Along with her bubbly nature, Jemma also has amazing leadership skills to enable her to help the team through tough organizational challenges.

partner of gorden tallis
Gorden Tallis and Jemma Elder

What is Gorden Tallis net worth?

Currently, Gorden Tallis has a net worth of $5 million. He earned that money doing commentary for Fox Sports. Apart from this, Gorden also owns several properties in Sydney. These properties were revealed when the rugby legend sold them a few months ago. Gorden bought all these properties ten years ago when he was a rugby player. His Randwick apartment, which he acquired 17 years ago, cost up to $440,000. Alongside these properties, Gorden had also pumped $344,000 into property investment in Chapel Hill 25 years ago, which is now becoming a hotspot for property brokers in Brisbane. After discovering all this wealth, one can only guess how rich Gorden Tallis is.

Tragedy that struck the house of Tallis

Gorden and Jemma lived a happy life with their child Billy. However, on February 16, a serious tragedy took place when gas exploded at Gorden’s home in Brisbane. The incident happened when Jemma was trying to light the barbecue at her house. However, when his neighbors learned of the incident, they called the police and fire department to get rid of the blaze. After that, Jemma was taken to the hospital for treatment. Fortunately, Jemma did not sustain any serious injuries in the accident and is currently in hospital, where she is receiving treatment for her minor injuries.

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