Who is Finn Russell’s Girlfriend? Relationship Status & Career


Who is Finn Russell’s girlfriend? What do we know about the relationship status and career details of the professional rugby player? Starting from the basics, Finn Russell is a Scottish rugby player who currently plays for the French team Racing 92. He has been playing for this team since 2018. Talking about his amateur career, he has played for several teams like Stirling County, Falkirk , Ayr, and a few others. For six years, from 2012 to 2018, he played for the Glasgow Warriors, which made Finn Russell stand out in the field of rugby. Not to mention his national career; she played for the Barbarians in 2018. In short, Finn Russell is quite successful.

Knowing about his notable rugby scores and involvement in the team, fans and followers wish to know who is Finn Russell’s girlfriend? You didn’t know it, this young professional rugby player has been dating someone very special for a long time. His love life is going well and he has never failed to show his love for his girlfriend on social media. However, many of you are still unaware of his love interest. If you want to know more about Finn Russell’s remarkable career and other details like education and family, you must read this article till the end.

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Finn Russell’s girlfriend: relationship status

Speaking of the relationship status of this professional rugby player, Finn Russell is dating his longtime girlfriend, whose name is Emma Canning. They haven’t seen each other for more than four years.. She was born on March 7, 1997. Next month she will be 24 years old.

Finn Russell's Girlfriend
Finn Russell’s Girlfriend – Emma Canning

In case you don’t know who she is, Emma Canning is a talented athlete, more specifically a heptathlon. In addition, she can play long jump, hurdles, high jump. You didn’t know it, she is also a model who has collaborated with a lot of brands. Also, Emma is a graduate of the University of Glasgow.

Continuing their love life, Finn and Emma support each other. Asked about his girlfriend, Finn confirmed that he felt quite blessed and happy to have Emma as his girlfriend. On the other hand, Emma said how proud she was of him. She also added how hardworking he is and that he deserves success in his career. On each other’s social networks, these lovebirds often love each other in post-romantic and gourmet photos. This is proof that they are in love with each other. Her fans are eagerly awaiting the official announcement of their marriage. But none of them said anything about it.

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Finn Russell Career Details and Other Facts

Knowing the relationship status of Finn Russell, his fans and followers now want to know his notable professional details and facts like family, age etc.

How old is Finn Russel? Size weight

Rugby player Finn Russell was born on September 23, 1992. This makes him 29 years as in February 2022. He was born in Bridge of Allan, United Kingdom. Regarding his height and weight, Finn is 1.82 meters big and weighs 87kg.

Finn Russell's Girlfriend
Finn Russell

Family & Education

Not much is known about his family as he kept it private. But, Finn Russell has a brother named Archie Russell. Regarding his education, Finn attended Wallace High School.

Notable career

As an amateur rugby player, Finn Russell played for several teams like Stirling County, Falkirk, Ayr. It was in 2013 when he played for the University of Lincoln, New Zealand. Moreover, in his senior teams, he made a name for himself playing for the Glasgow Warriors and Racing 92 teams. Not to mention that he played for Scotland U20 in 2012. Last year he played for the British and Irish Lions. For his outstanding rugby playing skills and remarkable scoring, Finn Russell has won several medals and accolades. Best wishes for his more successful career in the future. Also, hoping Emma and Finn’s relationship lasts forever!

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