Who is Darren McMullen’s Girlfriend?


Darren McMullen is a famous name in Australian television. Every time you turn on the TV, you’ll see this handsome guy hosting a show. He can very easily attract any girl with his good looks and attractive voice. He had dated some of the very beautiful ladies of years past. In this blog, we are going to know more about Darren’s love life. However, before getting to know more about Darren McMullen’s girlfriend, let’s talk about his personal life and accomplishments.

Darren McMullen was born in 1982 into a Scottish family. However, he was raised in Australia. He had completed his education at Bradfield College and then began his journey as an advertising executive. However, he was destined to be in the television industry. Early in his career, he had auditioned for various advertising campaigns as a model, and due to his beauty, he was selected for major advertising campaigns such as Westfield, Gloria Jean’s, etc. He later tried his hand at hosting and got his first break as a host in the exclusive Arena news on Foxtel. Very quickly, he had the opportunity to work with MTV as a presenter in “The Liar”, which is a great success for a newcomer. However, he became a household name with his debut as the host of the reality show “The Voice”, released in 2012.

Darren McMullen and his ex- Crystal Reed
Darren McMullen and Crystal Reed

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Who is Darren McMullen’s girlfriend?

Darren McMullen is single. In the past, Darren was in a relationship with the sublime American actress Crystal Reed. Crystal is known for her wonderful acting in the famous American television series “Teen Wolf”. The two first interacted in 2013 at a Los Angeles bar. Darren started liking her from the first day they met. Crystal’s independent and strong personality attracted Darren. Crystal had all the qualities Darren was looking for in his partner. Both were mostly busy in their lives and couldn’t devote much time to each other. As a result, their relationship later didn’t work out and the two broke up after six years of dating.

Darren’s name was also linked to Delta Goodrem, an Australian singer and songwriter in 2012. The two became friends on the set of the famous reality show “The Voice”. Later, the romance started between the two. Darren and Delta never made their relationship public. However, fans discovered their relationship when the pair were seen kissing at a Lady Gaga concert in Sydney.

After finding out about Darren’s love life, many people might assume that he doesn’t take his relationships seriously. However, this is not entirely true. Darren also faced major heartbreak in 2011 when Australian model Rechelle Lee dumped him. Darren loved her very much and wanted to get married; however, Rachelle walked away from her life. During an interview with a major newspaper, Darren mentioned that it was very difficult for him to come out of this grief.

As of now, Darren McMullen is single. However, last year rumors of his relationship resurfaced when Darren was caught with the owner of PE Nation clothing brand PIP Edwards in a restaurant. Both were accompanied by Milena ‘Milly’ Gattegno, who was once revealed as Darren’s supposed girlfriend. The two looked very happy together. However, no dating confirmation has been made by Darren and PIP.

Girlfriend of Darren Mcmullen
ARren McMullen and Crystal Reed

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Controversies associated with Darren Mcmullen

Darren, 40, was trapped in a problematic situation when he was caught driving a car without a license in 2020. The incident happened when a police officer asked Darren to show his driving license , and instead of showing Sydney’s license, Darren showed them California’s driver’s license. East Suburb Police later charged him with ‘driving without a licence’ charges, after which he was taken to court, where he defended his points on the allegations.

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