Who is Che Adams’ Girlfriend? The Footballer’s Relationship Status


Who is Che Adams’ girlfriend? What do we know about the professional footballer’s relationship status and career details? Starting from the basics, Che Zach Everton Fred Adams has been playing for Premier League Club, Southampton since 2019. Regarding his position, he plays as a striker. As a youth he played for a few teams including Coventry City and St. Andrews. Subsequently, his senior career began playing for Oadby Town. It was in 2016 as Che Adams played for Birmingham City in 2019. In the 2016-2017 season, he was considered as the Young Player. Last year he played in the national team representing Scotland.

Knowing his popularity in the field of football, his fans are curious to know who is Che Adams girlfriend? Well, when it comes to his relationship status, he has been dating his love for quite a long time. The duo never fails to portray their romantic feelings for each other by posting beautiful photos on their respective social media accounts. However, his girlfriend keeps a low profile with him, and Che Adams has kept his details out of the limelight. Still, if you want to know who he is dating and stuff about his love life and remarkable football career, read this article till the end.

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Girlfriend of Che Adams: relationship status

Regarding his relationship status, Che Adams is dating his beautiful and gorgeous longtime girlfriend, whose name is Amelia Kate. These lovebirds have been dating since 2018. However, it is not known how they met. Speaking of herself, Amelia Kate celebrates her birthday every year on January 31st. She was born in England.

Che Adams' girlfriend
Che Adams with his longtime sweetheart Amelia Kate

Asked about his girlfriend, footballer Che Adams said how much he was in love with her. Furthermore, he added saying that Amelia is a very supportive and understanding person. Amelia Kate and Che Adams love to travel and explore new countries. Their social media photos show they traveled together to Phuket, Thailand and Indonesia. In short, they are a fun-loving couple and make an adorable pair. As they are young enough to get married, neither of them has made any wedding plans yet. It looks like they are busy establishing themselves in their respective careers. Hoping they stay that way forever!

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Che Adams Career Details and Other Facts

Apart from knowing the relationship status of the professional footballer, Che Adams fans now want to know more about his remarkable career, achievements and other details like age, height etc.

How old is he? Height

A versatile footballer, Che Admas was born on July 13, 1996, making him 25 years from now on. He was born in Leicester, UK. When it comes to height, Che Adams is 1.75 meters high.

Che Adams' Girlfriend
Che Adams

Career details

From 2003, Che Adams played for Coventry City to 2010. Thereafter, for a few years he played for the St. Andrews team. It was in 2012 when he joined and played for Oadby Town. Continuing his senior career, playing for Ilkeston, Che Adams won the Derbyshire Senior Cup in 2013-14. After this victory he joined Sheffield United and played for a few years. Since 2019 he has been playing for Southampton and enjoying success over time. Not only that, at present, he is also playing for the national team of Scotland. In 2019, Che Adams won the EFL Championship Players title. It was in 2015, when he played in the England U20 national team, achieving massive success and a good record.

In short, Che Adams has gained a lot at such a young age. However, this did not happen overnight. He had to struggle a lot to reach this position that he is now. Overall, Che Adams’ personal life and career are going very well. Best wishes for his future success and also hoping that the footballer and his girlfriend, Amelia, blossom together with more love!

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