Who Is Beverley Turner’s New Partner? All About Her Personal Life


Beverley Turner is an English radio and TV host who has made headlines again, but this time not because of her accomplishments. She is one of the most famous TV and radio presenters who did her job with complete dedication. But some of her recent words have her fans confused about whether she’s landed in controversy or is this just a new normal thing? Plus, she was recently caught with a new man in town. So who is he? We know there are tons of doubts on every Turner fan’s mind.

But don’t worry because we have all the latest updates on her love life that you should definitely check out. But before we share any major updates, let’s have a look at what his life has been like so far. Beverley was born on October 21, 1973 in England. In 2002, she married James Cracknell. Carnell is a British athlete. They have three children in total. Their married life was going well but suddenly everything changed. After being married for almost 17 years, they both announced their separation in 2019.

According to both of them, it was a mutual decision and it was the best way to settle all the problems that occurred between them. Moreover, their regular fights and uneven decisions affected their professional life. As we shared, their fans were shocked after learning about their split, but they still supported them in this decision. But after parting ways with Cracknell in 2019, does Turner have a new partner? Is she dating anyone? We know you’re all curious about it, so we’ve got all the latest updates on that.

Who is Beverley Turner's new partner?
Beverley Turner and her new partner

Who is Beverley Turner’s new partner?

Many of you may not believe this, but yes, it’s absolutely true that Beverley has a new partner. Currently dating James Pritchett who is a green housing developer. He is 15 years younger than Beverley but yeah, that certainly doesn’t matter. They have both been repeatedly photographed together by the paparazzi, but neither of them has ever given official confirmation regarding their relationship. But now Beverley has come openly and accepted her relationship with James. She was also captured with him holding hands, but her latest tweet erased everything.

This announcement went through a tweet in which Beverley Turner wished her ex-husband good luck for a good life with his new wife. In her tweet, she congratulated the new couple and mentioned her and her new partner. She mentioned that “Huge congratulations from both of us (Beverley Turner and her new partner James) to Cracknell on her wedding. Some fans commented that she looked a bit jealous but yes, that’s normal and not a big deal. So, yeah now it’s clear that Turner and Cracknell have moved on in their lives. Both look really happy with their new partners and we wish them well for their future.

Who is Beverley Turner's new partner?
Beverley and James broke up together

Who is James Pritchett?

So, since you all have an answer, Beverley is dating James Pritchett. But many of you might still be curious about who this man is. James Pritchett is a 32-year-old man who works as a developer of eco-housing. It is still unclear how they met and fell in love with each other. Beverley was first pictured with him almost six months after she divorced her ex-husband. But after almost 2 years, the TV presenter finally opened up about her love life.

She also introduced James to her three children and all of her children have become extremely comfortable with him. They have a great time together and James takes great care of his children. She said she was infinitely happier in her new relationship and was getting the respect she deserved. She has an infinity of words to appreciate the good qualities of her new partner. As of now, we’ve shared all the major updates on Turner’s love life. For more updates like these, stay tuned.

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