Who is Barry White’s Girlfriend? All You Need To Know About The Ongoing Disputes


Long before Bruno Mars said “Just the way you are” to the Grammys jury, it was Barry White who tapped into the Grammys through the song “Just The Way You Are.” Many artists come and go, but some artists are often remembered through their plethora of work. Just like these days, some people are recognized after their wrongful death. But in the case of Barry White, he was recognized and celebrated as he breathed the air of Earth. Although his work was honored forever after his passing after his untimely death. Besides the huge work, her personal life has always been considered a scoop for various news bulletins and information centers. Barry White died of kidney failure in 2003. Ever since he passed away, there’s only been one question people ask. Who is Barry White’s girlfriend?

Barry White was a well known songwriter, singer, pop artist and was often recognized for his unique voice. But soon her pop stardom was hit with a roadblock of illness, from high blood pressure, from sugar-converted kidney disease to severe diabetes. Then he canceled visits due to hospitalization. And in 2003, his body gave up and sadly said goodbye to the world. But there was news regarding his family, he was often criticized for his disorganized family quotient. After his death, he left a fortune, a wife, nine children and a girlfriend. Yes, indeed, he was married and not divorced, but at the same time he shifted his commitment loyalty to Katherine Denton and not his wife Glodean James.

Barry White
Barry White

Who is Barry White’s girlfriend?

Grammy Award winner Barry White has been married twice and the second time was Glodean James. So who is Barry White’s girlfriend? he found the love of his life quite after decades in Katherine Denton. His large family was the subject of much scrutiny and argument over his wealth after his disappearance. There has been a constant drama about fortune. Katherine Denton is a woman of words and she loved Barry White. Her affection towards Barry was shown by them earlier when Barry was alive. But since his death, his legal existence has been cancelled. Because there is no legal proof on paper that she was genuine with him, nor did Barry White file any paperwork to prove her contribution in his life.

Barry White in his final days
Barry White in his final days

It is said that during Barry’s last days he was in great pain and in agony. Katherine was a partner of a kind and she was continuous with him to stroke him when he needed it. He always had a big heart for her as he described Katherine as the love of his life on several occasions in the media and publications. And Katherine too was in love with him because of his carefree nature and loving personality.

What is the dispute currently going on?

The question raised so long after Barry White’s death is that the singer left behind a fortune and left it to none other than his beloved wife. Because by legal means they are still married and by courtesy of Barry White’s no-will policy, the wealth defaults to Glodean James. But Katherine Denton insists on her lifestyle and how Barry pampered her. The two women are currently in a legal dispute over Barry White’s wealth. A lawsuit was filed by Katherine Denton who said she was unhappy with Barry’s estate being entirely under his wife, Glodean James.

Barry White and Love Unlimited Orchestra
Barry White and Love Unlimited Orchestra

Katherine also states that Barry was very clear when he was alive that he would promise her every time he left a fortune to live off the rest of his life. Which includes a Rolex, a Lexus, a house and other lavish materials. She also dragged Barry’s lawyer friend who made his statement. And said that Barry was very fond of Katherine. But he was never able to make a will because he didn’t know he would die so soon. The question that arises is how and why is Katherine so preoccupied with wealth now?

But reports also indicate that Glodean James has had to face trial on several occasions. Because both of Barry White’s parents lived homeless lives and according to them were routinely ignored by Glodean. So many possibilities are flying around the space of media and reporting. It’s up to people what to interpret and what not.

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