Who is Anuel’s Girlfriend in 2022? The Puerto Rican Rapper is Sparking Engagement/Marriage Rumors!


Anuel and his girlfriend have been talking about them on the internet for the past month. So who is Anuel’s girlfriend in 2022? Moreover, the Puerto Rican singer is also sparking engagement, marriage and pregnancy rumors with his girlfriend. So, are all these rumors true or are they just speculation? Many people are supportive of their romance after going public recently. But some of them still expect to get back together with Karol G.

The public is also of the opinion that Anuel is making all the public displays for the couple’s upcoming collaboration on February 14, 2022. Neither the rapper nor his girlfriend have yet addressed any of these rumors or speculations. But the couple’s social media posts pretty much suggest they are very much in love. Meanwhile, fans are commenting that he still hasn’t gotten over his ex-girlfriend, Karol G, and has found himself a girlfriend who looks just like her. Previously, Anuel broke up with Karol G in 2021 after dating for two years. They also sparked rumors towards the end of last year that they had reconciled. But, that was not the case.

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Who is Anuel’s girlfriend in 2022?

Anuel’s girlfriend in 2022 is Yailin La Mas Viral. Her full name is Jorgina Guillermo Diaz and is from the Dominican Republic. She is a singer, dancer and social media influencer. Fans and people already suspected long before since the beginning of the year that the couple was dating. However, the couple never said anything about it or officially confirmed their relationship. But, people became sure of it when Anuel uploaded an intimate video with Yailin on his Instagram account on January 23, 2022.

Anuel is dating Yailin
Anuel with his girlfriend, Yailin

In the video, Anuel could be seen passionately kissing his girlfriend, Yailin. Moreover, he supported and defended his girlfriend from all criticism of the video. He wrote in the caption of the video that people can talk about whatever they want, but he would never leave her alone. Thus, it is a way of declaring that he is in a relationship with Yailin. But, the couple have yet to provide details on how or when they know each other.

Is Anuel engaged to his girlfriend, Yailin?

It is unclear whether Anuel is engaged to his girlfriend, Yailin, or not as neither of them have agreed to anything like that yet. But the couple’s social media posts suggest otherwise, with many people believing that Anuel got engaged to Yailin. The social media influencer shared a video with Anuel on January 26, 2022. In the video, the rapper was seen putting a sparkling ring on her and kissing her hand. The ring convinced fans that she could have gotten engaged to Anuel. She mentioned in the caption that people only live once and live it fast. Meanwhile, many people think it’s a way to promote their next collaboration.

The Puerto Rican rapper sparked marriage rumors with Yailin

Puerto Rican rapper, Anuel sparked marriage rumors with Yailin recently after he uploaded a video with her calling him as his wife. Anuel uploaded an intimate video with Yailin two days ago in which he declared his love to her and called Yailin after his wife. He also thanked her for coming into his life and saving him from himself. The rapper mentioned that he is the happiest man alive when he is with her. He loves her and referred to her real name, Jorgina, and called her a woman of his dreams. Now people think she got married in secret, considering how Yailin shared a video of her in a ring of the rapper.

Is Anuel engaged to Yailin
Anuel with his ex-girlfriend, Karol G

Is Anuel expecting a baby with his partner, Yailin?

Yailin recently shared the video of Anuel’s love message for her calling him as his wife in one of his Instagram stories. But, the most eye-catching thing about the post was the detail she hinted at about the rapper becoming a father to a daughter. She wrote the message that he is her man, and they are already a family and, even better, the father of her daughter. This leads her followers to believe that she is pregnant with Anuel’s child. However, Yailin deleted the story minutes after uploading it to Instagram. So it is no longer available.

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