Who is Andrea Denver’s Girlfriend?


Well, Andrea Denver is officially taken now, as he recently revealed about his girlfriend. So who is Andrea Denver’s girlfriend? The Summer House star is very happy to have her love back and is taking the relationship with her slowly. Denver has yet to make his girlfriend official or reveal many details about her. Fans are expecting to see her in season 7 of Summer House as he talked about finding love for her last summer. So what happened with Andrea last summer? The next season of Summer House may feature more of Denver’s love life.

Meanwhile, Denver’s involvement with co-star Paige DeSorbo and becoming a love triangle with Craig Conover could be seen in Season 6 of Summer House. Andrea and Paige never had an official relationship, although the couple had great chemistry. Viewers even thought at one point that Paige would choose Denver and wished they were together. However, Paige ended up in a relationship with Craige, and Andrea has already found love in someone else.

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Who is Andrea Denver’s girlfriend?

Andrea Denver has a girlfriend, but the Summer House star has yet to reveal who he’s dating. He hasn’t even shared pictures of his girlfriend or anything like that on social media yet. Denver recently accepted in a media interview that he is in a relationship and is very happy. So, there is a high chance that he will reveal his girlfriend in the future or share about her on social media. He’s probably keeping his girlfriend’s identity a secret for now as he’s slowly taking the relationship with her.

Who is Andrea Denver Dating
Denver in season 6 of Summer House

Summer House’s Star Revelation About His Girlfriend

Summer House star Andrea said he can’t spoil too much, but he’s dating someone and he’s really happy. Also, her new romance is somewhat related to her last summer. He is very happy in the relationship and couldn’t say much about it. Andrea is very excited about the future and has yet to formalize her new relationship. He also takes one step at a time and would very much like to keep his feet on the ground. Nevertheless, he crosses his fingers and will see what will happen in the future.

Andrea Denver wants a realistic relationship

Andrea Denver explains in the interview how he has always been a family oriented person. So he couldn’t wait for a day to find himself in a position to hopefully marry the right person. Denver talks about how great it would be if it happened with his girlfriend. He wants everything to be realistic and that would be great for him. The Italian model also feels like viewers are going to discover a different side of him than the one from Vermont that the public had the chance to meet.

The year has truly been a primary year for him. Andrea felt that last year was a year of growth despite being intense. He also thinks that one day he will see that the year was really important in his life even if it would bring back bad memories. So, it looks like Andrea is taking her budding new romance very seriously, and soon viewers will get to see her in the upcoming season of Summer House as well.

Andrea Denver has a girlfriend
Andrea Denver with Paige DeSorbo

What happened to Andrea Denver and Page DeSorbo’s relationship?

Andrea Denver and Page DeSorbo could never become an official thing despite viewers wanting it so badly. Page officially struck up a relationship with co-star Craig Conover last year. But, Andrea’s flirtatious relationship with her co-star could be seen in Summer House Season 6. Meanwhile, filming for Season 6 took place last year before Page’s official relationship with Craig. Now Andrea and Page had moved on in their lives. They don’t hold grudges and they still talk like friends. But they don’t talk like they used to.

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