Who Got Historia Pregnant? Is It Eren or Someone Else?


Little Queen Historia nestled in a wooden rocking chair with a noticeable bump on her stomach amazed all fans of the latest Attack on Titan episode. With Historia’s pregnancy, fans wondered who the father of Historia’s child would be. Most assumed Eren Jaeger, but let’s find out who this person Historia is in love with is. Eren seems like a viable second choice, as there are equally compelling reasons to believe he’s the father. However, is this the case? Let’s take a look at this article to find out.

The current queen of the walls is Historia Reiss. She is also the illegitimate daughter of nobleman Rod Reiss, the last of the Reiss royals. Until the fall of Wall Maria, she was raised in seclusion on one of the Reiss family estates. Shortly after, her mother was murdered in front of her and Historia was forced to change her name and abandon her Reiss ancestry, adopting the new persona of Krista Lenz, while joining the military, where she was. supposed to die. She qualified as the 10th best soldier in the 104th Training Corps and entered the Survey Corps, largely due to Ymir’s persuasion.

Who got Historia pregnant?  Is it Eren or someone else?

Historia’s recurrent and intense suicidal urges are the most extreme example of this propensity; she expresses a wish to die in such a way that people wouldn’t look down on her at all, but it will discuss her and view her positively. Historia’s attempt to carry an injured Daz to safety in a blizzard is a perfect example of this. Historia and Daz would also have died if Ymir had not chosen to help without being asked. This was due to her parenthood, which led her to believe that she was a mistake and that if she died no one would blame her.

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How did Historia get pregnant?

Fans might be surprised to learn that Eren isn’t the father of Historia’s child, but Historia’s childhood pal Farmer has been confirmed to be the father of Historia’s child. ‘History. The Farmer and Historia have known each other since childhood. One of the panels depicted them as a happy family living in a small house, with Historia and their daughter enjoying their daughter’s birthday and the farmer approaching the scene with more meals.

Military police officers were seen insulting Historia because of her pregnancy. Historia was meant to consume Zeke Jaeger and ride the Beast Titan once Zeke Jaeger arrived on Paradise Island. This infuriated Eren as it appeared that Historia was acting selflessly but unfairly. As a result, before getting pregnant, Historia informs Eren that she will have a child instead. This was in response to Eren revealing his intention to activate the rumble. She got pregnant in order to avoid becoming a giant and devouring Zeke.

Who got Historia pregnant?  Is it Eren or someone else?

Although Nile Dok urges the officer to stop, the officer calls Historia a thug who is not meant to be queen. Nile tells the man that the man who allegedly impregnated her was not a complete stranger but someone she knows. He even goes so far as to say that Historia seemed to have the right to choose her partner. Nile goes on to say that the man is a farmer who grew up in the same neighborhood as Historia and used to throw rocks at her to spark her interest when they were kids. The farmer reportedly served in Historia’s orphanage out of remorse for tormenting her when they were children. He nevertheless tried to hide from Historia until she approached him.

It is discovered that Historia is expecting a child and the farmer tells her to stay inside and take care of her body. Historia appears to be loved and cared for by the farmer. Historia goes into labor a few chapters later, and the farmer watches her give birth with a troubled face. Historia finally welcomed a daughter. Historia is now a married woman, according to Jean, three years later, and it is highly likely that she really is married to the farmer, given that he was the child’s father. Historia appears to be in high spirits as she celebrates her child’s third birthday.

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