Who Are Asta’s Parents & Who Else is He Related To?


The world of Black Clover brought a lot of crazy twists in the series and manga chapters. One of the major twists involved Asta’s parents. So, who are Asta’s parents? Asta is the main protagonist of the manga and anime series Black Clover created by Yūki Tabata. Since the start of the series, Asta has been portrayed as an orphaned peasant girl who was left in a church and has been raised in foster care ever since. He has only one goal and that is to become the next Wizard King. Although the character is without mana or, in simpler terms, without magic power in the world of magic, he goes through a difficult time being bullied.

But despite everything, he manages to get up and train through all the difficulties. He embarks on intense physical training that earns him a five-leaf clover grimoire. This grimoire allows him to perform Devil’s Anti-Magic using the Anti-Magic Swords. He becomes a magical night and joins the black bulls under the trust of Yami Sukhehiro. The anime version of the manga sees Gakuto Kajiwara providing his voice for the Japanese version and Dallas Reid providing his voice for the English version.

Asta’s appearance

Asta is considered a young teenager who is short in stature but has an extraordinarily built body. He has big green eyes and ash blonde hair which he straightens and straightens with a black headband with insignia of black bulls on it in gold. His overall journey has resulted in multiple scars on his body, mostly due to his vigorous physical training. A peculiar battle scar can be found on his abdomen which he received while battling Mars.

Black Clover: Asta's Parents
Asta and Yami vs. Dante (Devil’s Arc Poster)

Asta’s personality

From the beginning of the show and even in the anime series, Asta is a cheerful and hyperactive person. He tends to shout out his inner expressions to the world so everyone can hear his voice. One of the most perfect examples would be Asta’s confrontation with the Yami where even though he was pressured by the huge aura, he still didn’t back down and shouted his goals again.

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Asta’s combat powers

Speaking of Asta’s magical powers, he has none. It uses the opposite of magic and it is Antimagic. This magic allows him to cancel or even disturb the magic in the Kingdom. This magical power is so unique that being able to master it made Asta the Arcane Stage mage.

As the wielder of a five-leaf clover grimoire, Asta is also able to tap into devil magic. This magic was first introduced when he came into contact with his demon Liebe who originally possessed antimagic. Tapping into the devil’s magic will increase his power attributes even further. During his fight with Dante, Asta made a deal with Liebe and gave up his right arm for great power.

Later, Asta also learned Devil Unite. It was via the Devil Binding Ritual, and it was there that Asta was able to meet Liebe face to face in physical form. At the end of this ritual, Asta won and demanded an equal contract with Liebe making him his friend.

Black Clover: Asta’s Parents

Your main protagonist is confirmed to have at least one relative in manga chapters and series. Asta’s mother, Richita, discovered the manga series in the story of her devil Liebe. The story showed how Richita found Liebe after being kicked out of the underworld. This event happened some time after Asta’s mother dropped Asta off at an orphanage.

Black Clover: Asta's Parents
Asta’s mother Richita alongside Leibe

It was Richita who gave Liebe her name when she provided a home for the young Devil. At the time, it was revealed that Lecita had the magical powers to store manaless creatures inside other items. This gave him the ability to carry stuff around largely without worrying about weight and size. The reason Richita had to abandon Asta was because of her body which would passively drain magic and life force from anyone near her. Due to this, Asta’s life as a child would have been quite troublesome.

Talking about Asta’s father, well, he hasn’t been introduced in the manga chapter and the anime series so far, but speculations have been raised that his father is a devil. To think that Asta too has supernatural strength and is easily compatible with Liebe proves that Asta could have been a devil. There are also chances that her father is from another race considering that Richita’s magic works differently in different races as mentioned in the manga chapters.

Where can you watch Black Clover?

You can watch Black Clover anime on streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu, Crunchyroll and many more. You can also read Black Clover Manga chapter on Viz Media official website and Shonen Jump official app.

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