Where Is Sahara Filmed? The Legal Issues Within Sahara’s Budget


Sahara has always been known as the most expensive flop in Bollywood history. The film drew a lot of criticism during the period due to poor execution and legal issues over its budget. According to critics, the whole movie revolves around some heroes who run across the desert of the Sahara and end up dead, which is a poor and totally uninspired storyline. But not everyone thinks the same. With a lot of negative reviews, the movie also managed to attract fans. Many viewers found the movie quite adventurous and catchy. The best part of the movie is the cast members, which makes it a better pastime.

Seasoned adventurer Dirk Pitt is off on a wild African dessert adventure with his sarcastic companion. The adventure is based on a false rumor of a ship going missing long ago with treasure supposedly hidden in the ship inside a lost ship. However, the adventure takes a romantic turn when they come across a beautiful scientist who is herself on a mission to stop the powerful spreading plague. The scientist is also escaping from the warlord and they start their dessert mission together. In the whole film, we can see the due with the scientist going through many obstacles while being in the desert, which makes us more curious to know where these beautiful desserts are.


Filming Sahara was not an easy task.

Sahara was a dream project for Breck Eisener, but it took three years to release. The film was released after three years of production. The name Sahara gives a quick picture of the Sahara dessert in our minds, but it is not easy to imagine the painful tasks behind the name. The thrill of shooting in a desert comes with a lot of difficulties, especially sandstorms. While filming the film, the crew had to deal with regular sandstorms and unexpected swarms of locusts. The camels turned out to be a huge chaos as they were difficult for the crew to manage. The scene where Matthew McConaughey had to swing from the neck of a camel was shot several times because the camel did not stay still.

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Total Sahara Budgeting

Sahara is Breck Eisener’s first big-budget work. He never made a big budget film before being the spearhead of this Sahara. But the film still has a lot of money. The film’s budget was inflated to twice its supposed original size, which was over $100 million. The film’s budget was entered into the lawsuit after it was leaked to the Los Angeles Times in 2007. The 151-page budget revealed that the production benefited from European tax credits and took advantage of a good Moroccan workforce. Marlet. However, a huge sum was spent on a plane crash which was later removed from the film. The one car that skidded in the sand destroyed a camera worth over $250,000. Some of the transactions involved the bribery of Moroccan officials, which somehow violated the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.

Penelope Cruz’s hairstylist made his fortune with the movie starring a dialect trainer that cost over $250,000. The actors were also paid large sums. Matthew McConaughey earned $8 million for the film, with Steve Zahn earning around $2.3 million from the film. Penélope Cruz, in addition to her cinema expenses, received an amount of 1.6 million dollars. There were ten screenwriters working for the production, which was paid $3.8 million in fees and bonuses. Not even included in the credits, but still, David S. Ward was paid $500,000 for his role in the production. However, the production managed to save around $50,000 by borrowing scrolls from another film.

Where was Sahara filmed?

Sahara is mainly shot in Morocco. Sahara is partially filmed in the studio and spatially in different locations. Most of the scenes are from Shepperton Studios Green Screen, Shepperton, Surrey, England, UK. The rest of the filming locations cover Delta del Ebro, Tarragona, Catalonia, Spain, Hawley Lake, Hampshire, England, UK. The office burner is none other than Pyestock NGTE, Farnborough, Hampshire, England, UK. The film is a mixed location from Morocco, with some of them from Spain and England. And Sahara, being mostly filmed in the Sahara, was made in a single shot to cover the footprints left in the sand. The scene following Carl bringing water to Massard was filmed in the hotel, which provided a decent stay for the crew in Spain.

Where is Sahara streaming now?

Sahara being an old movie, it cannot currently be found on many famous streaming devices. However, it can be found on Amazon Prime Video to rent or buy. Additionally, the film is also available on Vudu and AppleTv to rent or buy.

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