Where Is ‘Predator Filmed?’ All About The Locations & Plot


The Predator movie is surely one of the most favorite movies of the Millennials, and there is no doubt about it because this movie really grabbed the attention of its fans with its graphics and concept. Well, speaking of such films, it is quite difficult to find such a script these days. Besides its plot, Predator filming locations have become even more popular, with fans wondering where it was filmed. Also, this movie will make you question the context of every scene because it’s really fun to see the origin of the creatures. You dive into this sci-fi fantasy world and it gets more and more interesting with each scene.

Well, Predator is filmed in some notable locations, and that has sparked a lot of curiosity among fans of this movie. Well, those locations were necessary to maintain the authenticity of the story, and the creators made sure that all the needs for this movie were met. Additionally, Arnold Schwarzenegger plays the lead character Major Alan Schaefer. The movie gained massive fame from Arnold’s character because his role played a significant role in the story. Since the movie received a lot of appreciation from people, the creators were surprised to know its impact on the viewers.

Plot Summary

Well, as far as the concept of this whole movie goes, it explains the murderous experiences of six military men who serve as a rescue team. They had to go through complicated situations with a mysterious alien, and they arrived on Earth for the first time. Additionally, the Predator has an encounter with human beings. But this encounter turns out to be quite scary as he kills each military officer one by one. And it gets even harder since our main character, veteran Alan, is unable to spot him for once.

Where is Predator filmed.

Everyone is pretty sure he’s there, but there’s not much they can do. Also, these officers were quite strong, but still, there is no match to the Predator’s strength. When he feels there is no more hope, Alan manages to trick him by camouflaging himself with mud. And soon, he realizes that the mud helps him cover his body. Well, this situation helped Alan escape the predator. As the movie progresses, he desperately tries to find some ways to save himself from the hidden predator. And throughout the night, Alan designs several traps to kill him, which successfully gives him strong insight.

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But in addition to killing, the traps seriously injure him. But this, in turn, drives the predator mad. And he goes through the forest to find Alan, just to kill him, and in that process he also uses his camouflage effect. Soon, the two get into a one-on-one fight. And somehow Alan manages to hurt him with another trap. But before he can kill him, the predator turns into a bomb and towards the end, Alan manages to escape the explosion. Well, this movie turned out to be one of the popular movies.

Where is “Predator” filmed?

When you look closely at the scenes, the whole movie contained a vast jungle. The locations used in the movie were quite exciting and all the fans were eager to find out more. Plus, all of the Predator filming locations are gorgeous, and the entire movie is shot in Mismaloya, Mexico. Also, the jungle scenes come from the forests of Palenque, Chiapas. Besides the jungles, they showed beautiful places like the waterfall. Well, everyone calls the waterfall Cascadas de Misol-Ha.

Predator was filmed in Mexico

Additionally, Predator is a John McTiernan director. The creators of this film started the filming process a year before its actual release, i.e. in early 1986. However, many viewers did not like the concept of the story as it gave off a quite confusing atmosphere. But others enjoyed it, and yet, this movie is one of the best movies to date. Even now, people watch every movie in the Predator franchise. Moreover, the creators of this movie had to come up with all the different parts of this movie due to a huge demand from the audience. Apart from that, this movie has also gained great fame.

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