Where Is ‘Jojo Rabbit’ Filmed? All About The Plot & Filming Locations


Are you someone who loves historical places or someone who loves comedy-drama? Jojo Rabbit is a must watch movie for you because the movie was released in 2019 and was directed by Taika Waititi. The main protagonists of Jojo Rabbit are Roman Griffin Davis, Scarlett Johansson, Thomasin McKenzie and Taika Waititi. The film’s visual effects were also amazing and loved by the audience. The script for “Jojo Rabbit” was great as the audience started looking for the filming locations of it.

Jojo Rabbit has received a number of nominations and awards, while the film itself has won numerous accolades. Jojo Rabbit was one of the top ten movies of the year when it was released. Filming historical drama locations requires a lot of thought, and the creators have worked hard to figure out how to give their audience an authentic experience. Jojo Rabbit is a movie for those who prefer movies with a bit of history as well as comedy. So let’s take a look at the filming locations of Jojo Rabbit.

Jojo Rabbit Plot

Jojo Rabbit is a film that brings with it a historical aspect, along with comedy. When Nazi Germany fell, a little boy, “Jojo” Betzler joined the junior division of the Hitler Youth. He has an imaginary companion Adolf, a jester Adolf Hitler, who was heavily indoctrinated with Nazi views. He is named “Jojo Rabbit” in a training camp run by Captain Klenzendorf after refusing to kill a rabbit in order to prove his worth. He returns to prove himself, armed with Adolf’s encouragement, throwing a Stielhandgranate that explodes at his feet, leaving him disfigured and limping. His mother Rosie insists on Jojo’s inclusion in the now demoted Klenzendorf, so he is given odd jobs such as circulating propaganda flyers.

JoJo Rabbit
JoJo Rabbit and Adolf Hitler

Jojo’s journey has been full of ups and downs, and it takes a lot of courage for a 10-year-old to join the Hitler Youth division, but his journey has been a success. All viewers are highly recommended to watch his entire run on OTT platforms. A bit of history mixed in with some fun is sure to appeal to most history and fun buffs.

The cast of Jojo Rabbit

The cast of the film with which the story is associated should be selected with great care. The 10-year-old was played by Roman Griffin Davis, Thomasin McKinzey played a Jewish girl, Scarlett Johansson played Jojo’s mother, and Taika Waititi played Adolf Hitler. They were the main protagonists of Jojo Rabbit. Other actors in the film included Sam Rockwell, Rebel Wilson, Alfie Allen, Stephen Merchant and Archie Yates.

“Jojo Rabbit” Filming Locations

The directors put a lot of thought into the selection of filming locations for Jojo Rabbit. The directors wanted to do all the filming in Germany, but there were a lot of restrictions. So they had to abandon the idea of ​​filming Jojo Rabbit entirely in Germany. Filming for Jojo Rabbit took place in the Czech Republic. The main filming location for the interior scenes of “Jojo Rabbit” was the Barrandov Studios in Prague, Czech Republic. It was on a custom built set. The studio first opened in 1931. The studio selected for the filming of Jojo Rabbit was quite old as many successful films were shot in the studio.

Jojo Rabbit: Barrandov Studios, Prague, Czech Republic

Petschek Palace, Prague, was another Jojo Rabbit filming location. There are people who think that small towns can’t serve as movie locations, but the makers of Jojo Rabbit have proven everyone wrong. They chose Zatec as one of the filming locations for Jojo Rabbit. The area lies at the northeastern end of Prague and is chosen for the exterior filming of Jojo Rabbit. Some scenes were also shot in Ustek.

The “Jojo Rabbit” war sequence, which features broken down structures, was filmed on the grounds of a former sugar factory in the Louny district of the Czech Republic. Several “Jojo Rabbit” sequences were also shot at various locations in the Czech Republic, including Kytn, Doln Bekovice, and Hon.

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