Where Is ‘Hunter Killer’ Filmed? Plot & Crew


Ever since audiences watched Hunter Killer, they’ve wondered where it was filmed. The film is about the US Navy and submarine bases. It revolves around a captain named Joe Glass. The movie is an action thriller, and we know action thrillers are very popular. It was released on October 26, 2018 and is directed by Donovan Marsh. Hunter Killer is written by Arne Schmidt and Jamie Boss. It is based on a novel released in 2012. The name of the novel is Firing Point, and it was written by Don Keith and George Wallace.

Now that the film includes many underwater, underwater and coastal scenes, fans are wondering if an actual sea was used to film the film. Well no. There were studios made to film the entire movie. We see a lot of combat scenes and get a glimpse of how the US Navy works. The reason for the film’s popularity was the authenticity of the sub used. Was it the real US Navy submarine or a replica? Well, let’s find out and talk more about where Hunter Killer was filmed.

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What is Hunter Killer about?

The movie is about a captain named Joe Glass. He is assigned to command the USS Arkansas submarine to investigate and find out when the USS Tampa Bay submarine loses contact with the American base. The submarine sails in the Russian seas. It is discovered, along with a sunken Russian submarine with survivors inside. However, they are then attacked by a Russian submarine which was hiding under an iceberg. Captain Joe and his team destroy the enemy. The survivors, including a Russian captain called Andropov, are then rescued.

Where was Hunter Killer filmed?
A still from the movie

After that, we see that a commando commanded by Lieutenant Bill Beaman is dispatched and sent to observe a Russian base. He discovers that a coup is underway, with Russian Defense Minister Dmitriy Durov deposing Russian President Nikolai Zakarin. Beaman and Glass are now tasked with rescuing Zakarin in order to avoid a nuclear war. However, Captain Andropov’s help is the only way for the USS Arkansas to reach Russian base waters. Now the question is, will he help Captain Glass?

Where is ‘Hunter Killer’ filmed?

The filming of “Hunter Killer” took place in London, UK. It took three studios across London to finish shooting the film. One of the studios where filming took place was Ealing Studios. He developed Hunter Killer interior sets. Production made submarine after getting US Navy approval. To reproduce the movement of the sea, the sets were mounted on a gimbal. One of the film’s producers said the US Navy was kind enough to let the creators reveal the submarine they were using.

Where was Hunter Killer filmed?
Ealing Studios

The production designer spent time with the Navy designer. The producer said he came back with extraordinary details after learning from the Navy’s designers and engineers. The Navy helped him build submarines for the film. The production wanted the design to be so perfect that any man working in the navy could tell which submarine it was.

Speaking of the outdoor set for the stages, it was built into the Pinewood Studios water tank. This is an 806,000 gallon water tank. Along with this, the underwater shots were filmed at Warner Bros. Leavesden studios in a separate water tank. Besides London, the film’s location outside the Russian Polyarny base was filmed at a Bulgarian naval facility. It is in Varna on the Black Sea coast. Interiors of the Russian base were filmed at Nu Boyana Film Studios. Sofia is the capital of Bulgaria.

Some fun facts about the movie

The film’s protagonist was played by Gerard Butler. He boarded the USS Houston May 6-9 with the director for research purposes. In order to make the script and the film more realistic and authentic, they both noted down several characteristics of a working submarine and its crew.

The film was originally to be shot in Alaska. The Russian naval base during the winter was going to be filmed in Whittier, a maritime town in Alaska. However, due to some issues like lack of accommodation for the crew, the production was forced to relocate. The script was also reworked due to filming issues.

Where was Hunter Killer filmed?
A still from the movie

Additionally, the director and Gerard Butler traveled to Pearl Harbor before the film even began production. They boarded a Virginia-class nuclear submarine for a three-day tour to get a feel for how it works. It is commendable to see how the creators of cinema travel and research their project. As audiences, we learn so much in two hours with these talented creators working so hard behind the scenes. It certainly takes a lot of work to decide on filming locations, and it also comes with a lot of problems. However, the talented production teams never give up and provide us with excellent cinematography.

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