When Shah Rukh Khan responded that he was called ‘brand ambassador of Islam’ by AR Rahman saying, “Religion is just a language”

When Shah Rukh Khan responded that he was called 'brand ambassador of Islam' by AR Rahman - Deets Inside
When Shah Rukh Khan responded that he was called ‘brand ambassador of Islam’ by AR Rahman (Photo Credit – Facebook; Wikipedia)

Shah Rukh Khan is not just an actor but an emotion for all his fans around the world. His fans literally idolize the superstar and once music maestro AR Rahman called SRK the ‘ambassador of Islam’. Later in an interview, the Raees actor stated that he would not want to be the model for religion and that it is not the right choice to do. Scroll below to read the scoop.

Shah Rukh speaks only the language of love and does not believe in the concept of religion. He is a Muslim but is married to a Hindu (Gauri Khan) and has always been vocal about practicing his religion and has given his children complete freedom to follow any religion they want.

In 2008, Shah Rukh Khan was asked in an interview with Economic Times whether AR Rahman labeled him an ‘ambassador of Islam’ and he replied: “First, it is not right to be a model for any religion. That’s something I’m absolutely against. Religion is just a language, to seek the truth, and my language is what I’ve learned, and every language stands as a self-sufficient language. No need to say that my language expresses the truth better than yours. I am very clear that my message to young people would be: there is no religious icon to follow. We have iconic books; we have iconic teachings if we can breathe them, within the perspective of modern education, that’s the best way to be. Obviously, some changes have to come because the world is different now, so you don’t have to get married four times, because that’s not the question of the day.”

Shah Rukh Khan continued and said: ‘Read the books, if you like, in English, as long as you understand them better, and keep them close to your heart. Because these are personal matters. These are as personal as your father’s glasses he left behind… Just like when my father died, I kept his glasses. And I meet Karan and I see that he also has his father’s specs. But I never turn around and say, Karan, my father’s specs are better than your father’s!’

The Raees actor concluded, saying, “These are emotional ties, so we have to keep it personal and appreciate that we have a little sign of their memory. Religion to me is as personal as the memories of your parents. And you compare these memories not I remember my father more than you remember your father, my father was better than your father, how can you do that?”

That is indeed a great explanation from Shah Rukh Khan.

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