When Shah Rukh Khan Made Lady Gaga Visibly Uncomfortable By Gifting His Watch And Here’s What She Did Next!

When Shah Rukh Khan playfully misbehaved with Lady Gaga, making the pop sensation quite awkward
When Shah Rukh Khan misbehaved with Lady Gaga in an interview (Photo Credit – Instagram)

When we say King Khan of Bollywood, Shah Rukh Khan is the only name that appeals to us. The 56-year-old actor, who started his acting career starring in series for the TV industry, now rules millions of hearts around the world after making his way through the Bollywood industry. Well, not only its fans, because of its success, SRK is also quite well known among many Hollywood fans.

The Devdas actor is also quite famous for interacting with many Hollywood celebrities. One of these was the pop sensation Lady Gaga. When Gaga visited India in 2011, she did a special interview with SRK. Now, of course, you’d think the interview would be a sight to behold. Today, however, we bring you a throwback clip from the interview between the two stars, and it will definitely make you cringe.

So in the clip of Shah Rukh Khan and Lady Gaga’s interview in 2011, Shah Rukh, his usually cheerful self, was seen teasing Gaga about a topic about shopping. The actor then gave the pop idol his watch. However, SRK ended up way over the top chasing Lady Gaga to take his watch, which made the whole moment – Cringe worthy.

In the clip of the interview, during his conversation with the singer, Shah Rukh Khan said derisively: “Because you feel that while shopping you didn’t have enough money to buy things, I’m going to give you my watch.. When the As the actor began to take off his watch, Lady Gaga was immediately seen refusing to take off his watch, saying repeatedly, “No, no, you’re not going to give that to me…” The Om Shanti Om actor, however, interrupted her and said, “I’ll give you my watch,” the Shallow singer said immediately, “no, I don’t want your watch.”

As Gaga continued to decline Shah Rukh’s offer, the actor was seen getting too close to the pop singer by crawling on the couch, going on to say, “Please please, no, it’s not an expensive watch..No please.” As the actor let the singer take the watch, we could hear her say, “Go away, I don’t want it,” to which SRK replied by saying, “This is actually from my movie.” Hearing that, Lady Gaga asked King Khan to give the watch to one of his fans in the audience. With the defeat, the actor said: “No, you give it to a fan, so I give it to you, you give it to a fan. Health.” We then see that the singer agrees to the terms and takes over the watch to pass it on to a fan.

Yikes, Gaga is clearly uncomfortable there! What do you think?

Meanwhile, on a professional level, Lady Gaga was recently featured in her latest release, House Of Gucci. While Shah Rukh Khan is currently preparing for his upcoming movie Pathan. The film will also star, Deepika Padukone and John Abraham

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