When Ranbir Kapoor reportedly lost his cool and had a fistfight with Deepika Padukone’s ex Nihar Pandya on the street

When Deepika Padukone's ex Nihar Pandya had a fistfight with Ranbir Kapoor in the middle of the road.
When Deepika Padukone’s ex Nihar Pandya had a fistfight with Ranbir Kapoor (Photo Credit – Instagram; Wikimedia)

There are many controversial relationships that have taken place in Bollywood. However, the failed love life of Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone has always been the talk of the town.

Well, did you know that Ranbir once beat up Deepika’s ex-flame Nihar Pandya? Read on to know the whole scoop below!

So, when Deepika Padukone was dating Ranbir Kapoor, according to reports from Khaleej Times, Deepika was spotted having a long 2-hour lunch with her ex-boyfriend Nihar Pandya. This luncheon between her and her ex happened when Ranbir was away for a shoot in Ooty. An insider told Khaleej Times: “Maybe someone is reading too much in a luncheon, but it lasted over two hours and they seemed to blend in.” It should be noted that Nihar and DP were quite serious with each other during their relationship.

The reports then claimed that Ranbir Kapoor later had a fistfight with Nihar Pandya in the middle of the road after catching the two together. It was the Deepika Padukone who had to intervene and calm the two. Deepika then told Nihar that she was now with Ranbir.

According to the reports, Ranbir has always been quite possessive towards Deepika and has often expressed his displeasure with the fact that DP teamed up with other co-actors.

According to Khaleej Times, an insider said: “He (Ranbir) was also a little jealous that Deepika Chandni Chowk shot to China with Akshay Kumar in Bangkok and basically ignored Akshay when he ran into him later.” The source continued: “At the beginning of their relationship, while they were shooting for YashRaj in Australia, Ranbir was aware that Deepika had flown over to meet Yuvraj in Adelaide. He didn’t say anything at the time because he was insecure about their relationship. But Nihar is a person that he cannot ignore because he knows that Nihar is still madly in love with Deepika and will do anything to get her back. Deepika knows that Ranbir is very aware of his reputation and does not like to hear rumors about her. Recently, the two decided to stop giving interviews about their love life because it attracted too much media. So now that the news is out about Deepika and Nihar, how will Ranbir react?”

Meanwhile, Deepika Padukone is currently living a happily married life with her husband Ranveer Singh. The actress was last seen in Shakun Batra’s recent release Gehraiyaan. On the other hand, Ranbir Kapoor has a happy relationship with actress Alia Bhatt. The actor will hit the big screen with his upcoming movie Brahmāstra.

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