When R Madhavan ate too many onions and allegedly caused Bipasha Basu discomfort while filming kiss scene

When R Madhavan left Bipasha Basu and was disgusted by a kiss scene
R Madhavan Being Foodie once led to Bipasha Basu’s discomfort (Photo Credit – Instagram)

We enjoy watching stars give some really intriguing intimate scenes. But more than often there are a few less good stories behind such sensual recordings. One such story is from R Madhavan and Bipasha Basu. The duo had collaborated in Jodi Breakers, which caused Bipasha to have a bad experience filming a kiss scene.

We all know that Madhavan is a great foodie. That is also the reason why he gained extra kilos a few years ago. Now the actor is much fitter and extremely healthy. Today we look back on an incident where Bipasha had to go through a disgusting experience because of Madhavan’s love of food.

According to the report on Indiantvnews.com, R Madhavan and Bipasha Basu were shooting for their 2012 film Jodi Breakers. The team was shooting on the Greek island of Mykonos. Since the team was shooting for 12-13 days, they really missed Indian food. There was a group of Punjabi boys, who regularly went to the shoot. They heard about the desire of the unit and offered them delicious Punjabi food.

The unit, including R Madhavan, went full throttle on the Punjabi foods like Butter Chicken, Sarson da Saag, Makke di Roti along with salads and onions. A source close to the portal shared: “The food was literally wiped off the plates. Everyone ate heartily, especially Maddy, who dug in with gusto.”

Unfortunately, R Madhavan had a kiss scene with Bipasha Basu on the same day. “At first Bipasha had reservations about the scene because she is close to Maddy’s wife Sarita, but director Ashwini Chowdhury convinced her to do the scene. However, immediately after the kiss scene, Bipasha rushed to her makeup room and didn’t come out for the longest time,” the source added.

After the incident, it turned out that R Madhavan had too many onions. The whole incident was made fun of and the unit started the shoot full of enthusiasm.

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