When Amanda Seyfried ‘bite’ Channing Tatum

    Amanda Seyfried bit Channing Tatum, the actor reveals
Channing Tatum Reveals Amanda Seyfried Once Bit Her (Photo Credit – Instagram; Wikimedia)

Hollywood star Channing Tatum has said his ‘Dear John’ co-star Amanda Seyfried “bite” him, but he didn’t give any details on how or why.

When asked if he’s been bitten by an opponent before, he said: ‘Amanda Seyfried, I think. I’m pretty sure she bit me.”

For his latest film, “Dog,” Channing admitted that his co-star had left him a scar, femalefirst.co.uk reports.

Talk show host Jimmy Kimmel asked if the dog had bitten him and he said, “A lot. Three times in the movie. Then I really got a little. I have a small smiley scar on my buttocks.”

The ‘Magic Mike’ star says things “went horribly wrong” after working with animals in the past, and recalls a scene in ‘Hail, Caesar!’ when the dog in his scene had to bark at the end of his leash.

He noted, “We sat there for six hours and the dog just didn’t bark.”

Channing Tatum had a shaved head during the show and admitted that the first time his locks were shaved when he was modeling, it resulted in him being inundated with job offers.

He said, “I started working all the time,” Channing said. “I didn’t get a job. And then I shaved my head and started getting all the work done.”

Jimmy then asked his guest if he was “waxing” [his] body” for the upcoming ‘Magic Mike’s Last Dance’, but he admitted he doesn’t feel like grooming.

He said: “No, we’re moving with the times and I’m not going to do the whole waxing. We just go natural.”

Jimmy asked, “Is this just because you don’t want to be waxed anymore.”

Channing laughed: “Yeah, pretty much. A little hair is fine.”

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