What To Expect From ‘One Of Us Is Lying’ Season 2?


Peacock has now announced One Of Us Is Lying Season 2, following the popularity of Season 1. So now we have a lot to say in terms of Season 2. Its release date, cast, what will happen in the season 2, and many more details are all available here. So let’s jump right into One Of Us Is Lying Season 2.

Erica Saleh created the American television series One of Us Is Lying. The series is based on the 2017 novel of the same name by Karen M. McManus. Mark McKenna plays Simon, the slain student, and Annalisa Cochrane, Chibuikem Uche, Marianly Tejada and Cooper van Grootel play prime suspects, with help by Barrett Carnahan, Jessica McLeod and Melissa Collazo. The series received mostly positive reviews from critics.

One of Us Is Lying follows four Bayview High School students who are prime suspects in the murder of a classmate who died of anaphylactic shock, and all five are jailed on the first day of school after the summer vacation. summer. The murder investigation begins and these four students join a Murder Club to investigate the death of their classmate in order to prove their innocence and save their future. One of Us Is Lying is a television series created by Erica Saleh which consists of eight 40-minute episodes.

One of Us Lies Season 1 Recap

Bayview High School students return to school after summer vacation, and high school student Simon Kelleher decides to set off a buzz bomb on the first day of school via his self-designed “About That” app. Simon is an outcast genius from Bayview who refuses to embrace his true identity. Because of this, he despises his peers who hide behind masks or keep secrets they never divulge and thus promises to reveal the truth regardless of the consequences.

Simon leaked footage that led to the expulsion of half of Bayview’s basketball team last year, and this year he targeted four of the school’s worst offenders. Bronwyn Rojas, a famous Adelaide ‘Addy’ Prentiss cheerleader, Cooper Clay, a skilled baseball pitcher, and Nathaniel ‘Nate’ Macauley, a drug dealer.

one of us lies season 2
Jacques dies

Mrs. Avery, an AP physics instructor, detains Addy, Nate, Bronwyn, Cooper and Simon for various reasons on the first day of school. Simon takes water from a disposable cup while incarcerated and dies of anaphylactic shock caused by his peanut allergy. Detective Wheeler, the officer in charge of the investigation, believes one of the inmates poisoned Simon’s drink with peanut oil while stealing EpiPens from his backpack and from the infirmary of school, causing him to die.

While the police investigate, Addy, Nate, Bronwyn and Cooper join the Murder Club in an effort to catch Simon’s killer and prove their innocence.

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When will ‘One of Us Is Lying’ Season 2 be released?

One of Us Is Lying Season 2 has not yet received an official release date. It seems imminent. On October 7, 2021, the first season of One of Us Is Lying was released. Peacock published it. The first season of the One of Us Is Lying TV show saw all of its episodes air on the same day.

We anticipate that all episodes of the second season of One of Us Is Lying will be released on the same day as the first season. Prior to its acquisition by Netflix, this show aired on another platform. Netflix usually takes between two and four weeks to announce the release of a new season after its launch.

This is how they can observe its success and determine if it is financially viable to continue it. In just 24 hours, it has risen to number three on the trending charts, indicating that it has already succeeded. Taking this into account, as well as the typical lead time of a year for each season. Next year, we expect it to release in February 2023. Unfortunately, that’s all we know about season 2 of the series at this time. I am sure that over time more information will become available.

one of us lies season 2

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Show Runners on “One of Us Lies Season 2”

Erica Saleh, writer and executive producer, will take over as showrunner for season two, succeeding Daro Madrona as executive producer. The other EPs in the series are produced by John Sacchi, Matt Groesch, Jan Oxenberg, Molly Nussbaum and Bill Johnson.

NBCUniversal Television and Streaming’s President of Scripted Content Lisa Katz commented on the renewal. She expressed her joy that the gripping and binge-worthy first season of One of Us Is Lying resonated so deeply with young audiences. Moreover, the show’s fanbase is extremely dedicated and they look forward to providing more twists that will keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

Beatrice Springborn, president of UCP, the program’s production company, said they thought it was a standout show from the moment they saw Erica’s pilot, and were glad that Peacock accepted. And its return to New Zealand for the second season, with Erica as showrunner, is a fascinating new chapter in the wild and wonderful journey of the Bayview Four.

Which cast members will return for One of Us Is Lying Season 2?

Simon Kelleher, played by Mark McKenna, is the teenager who dies in custody alongside the other four students. The four teenagers who witnessed Simon’s death will no doubt return for the show’s second season. Nate, Addy, Cooper Clay and Bronwyn are among them. Vanessa, Detective Wheeler, Maeve, Janae, Keely, and Kris are some of the supporting cast we expect to see. Because the murder mystery encompasses all the main characters and their acquaintances, it won’t be surprising to see them in the second season.

One of us lies main cast
One of us lies main cast

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What to expect from the ‘One of Us Is Lying’ Season 2 plot?

After the case was closed, Addy, Janae, Nate, Bronwyn, and Cooper resumed their normal lives. Unfortunately, in their usual life, they did not speak to each other and thus maintained their differences, despite the fact that the secret of Jake’s death connected these four people via an invisible thread. Addy, Nate, Bronwyn, Cooper, and Janae receive a “Simon Says” message that disappears near the end of “One of Us Is Lying” Season 1, implying that someone else knows their secret and makes them sing so that they obey the instructions.

Someone else hacked into the “About That” app and shut down Janae earlier in the show, and it’s likely the same person who leaked the Bronwyn video she shoved Simon into. Janae receives the same “Simon Says” text in episode 6 regarding the Epipen that Jake left in Addy’s locker (102) to frame him for the murder. However, before the cops could locate him, an unknown hacker leaked his location, effectively protecting Addy. This implies that the hacker acted as a neutral party throughout the investigation, planting clues to add further twists.

Whoever that person is, their identity, as well as their purpose, will be revealed in “One of Us Is Lying” Season 2. Until then, it appears to be just another psychopath like Simon who enjoys playing games on people and seeing them suffer. Season 2 will provide more information.

one of us lies season 2

Watch ‘One of Us Lies’ Online – Streaming Details

Since “One Of Us Is Lying” Season 1 premiered on Peacock, you can watch all of its episodes there. Also, when season 2 comes out, you can expect to watch the episodes on the same streaming website.

Season 1 of One of Us Is Lying was released on Netflix internationally (outside the United States) on February 18, 2022, with more planned. Netflix has labeled the show a Netflix Original.

The series’ eight-episode inaugural season premiered on NBC Universal’s American streaming service Peacock on October 7, 2021 and has just arrived on Netflix globally. It is now also available in UK, India, South Korea, Brazil, Japan and other countries.

Although it is marked as a Netflix Original, it is only available in certain Netflix territories. The series has not been added to all foreign regions, which is notable. It is not available on Netflix Canada because the series was sold to StackTV, and it is not available on Stan in Australia since the series was sold to Stan. The show is produced by Universal Content Productions (UCP).

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