What Is Steven Bartlett’s Net Worth? Total Wealth of the Talented Artist


Steven Bartlett has been caught in the middle of the conversation recently, and his success is an aspiration for a lot of people. He is successful, but people mostly ask one question, what is Steven Bartlett’s net worth? The world is fast and unforgiving right now. If one needs to do something substantial and gain respect, one has to work hard for nearly a decade or so. Some people are lucky, and then there are extremely talented people. He is young and dynamic. His success at technical strata is fascinating. He is a businessman who is also a television celebrity. How many times, as an audience, can we witness the combination.

Steven Bartlett is not only an entrepreneur but also an idol. He has a decent following on social media (1.7 million followers on Instagram and 158,000 followers on Twitter). Unfortunately for fans and followers, Steven believes in hard work more than showmanship. So, he is very active on the platforms, but he never posts a photo displaying his appearance, but always posts a motivational and informative message, which is very useful for future aspirants who want to profit from their entrepreneurial projects.

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The Life and Work of Steven Bartlett

Steven Bartlett was born in August 1992 in Botswana. Soon he moved to England and studied there. He went to Manchester Metropolitan University for his postgraduate studies but decided to drop out immediately after the first course. Steven is an entrepreneur, businessman, investor, and television personality. He founded his social media marketing company Social Change, founded Wallpark, featured in the Channel 4 series The Secret Teacher, the youngest investor in long-running BBC phenomenon Dragons’ Den, published his first book, Happy Sexy Millionaire. Also, in 2021, he announced his two new companies, Thirdweb and Flight Story. Steven’s success story is a dream come true for any 29 year old.

Steven Bartlett in his podcast
Image from Steven Bartlett’s podcast

Many aspiring businessmen/women want to work with passion for success and fame. Steven has become an example of such successes. The way he worked without worrying about anything else is phenomenal and deserves the attention he is currently receiving. He is currently on the Forbes 30 under 30 list and was appreciated at the Black British Business Awards. These are just a few of the appreciations he has received throughout.

What is Steven Bartlett’s net worth?

Steven Bartlett net worth is around $96 million. Additionally, his company Social Change is valued at $300 million. His salaries are not yet disclosed for the shows he is a part of. But the shows are definitely getting a lot of praise with her appearances. His trademark deals, endorsements and appearances are generally expected to have hefty financial rewards as he is a very busy person to get his hands on.

Steven has targeted many interesting topics and fields that are booming and is aiming for a worthy business to flourish in this field. Social Chain is a highly respected company in the field of digital marketing and currently dominates the social media marketing charts. Moreover, records say that in the market he is a celebrity worth millions, and being in this zone is a dream come true for anyone.

His life in 2022

Steven started his business from his bedroom at the age of 22, and now in 2022, the company’s revenue is around $300 million. He joined the gigantic investor show, Dragons’ Den. Steven is the youngest investor ever featured on the show, and his business world drive is getting a lot of attention from the business world. His wealth and experience are already touching the skies, but the knowledge he has retained of the global tech, digital and branding niches is also commendable.

Molly Mae and Steven Bartlett
Molly Mae and Steven Bartlett

Recently, he made headlines because of his best-selling Happy Sexy Millionaire. Additionally, he hosts The Diary Of A CEO podcast. One of the most recent episodes of his podcast has garnered backlash and unwanted attention. In which he interviewed Molly-Mae. There were inappropriate statements that were interpreted in many ways in the media. But knowing Steven Bartlett’s intellect, he was quick enough to undo every so-called “flaw” caused by this episode.

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